Friday, September 8, 2017

Manga Post #6

Hello Bookies,

Here we are again reading many series that are slowly grabbing hold of my heart. I finally have three mangas this time around and all of them are looking brand new. Some people were showing great respect for these books. I approve.

If I remember correctly this is the second to last book of the series. Sad face. Anyways, the last volume ended in such a cliff hanger that I was begging for more. It felt like your favorite show had a major cliff hanger at the end of an episode and you had to wait a whole week until the next episode came out. Currently experiencing that right now with the Cdrama The King's Woman. But now I can finally find out what happened with the scene. We had the king just about to be attacked by a rebel +anima. Shocker. Anyways, the scene in concluded by the king's twin sister stopping the assassin while Husky and Senri attend to the king. After that our group of four friends are going back to Astaria. Anyways, now that they are back they continue all of their adventures. One including someone that thinks they are an angel. We also get the back story of a researcher. We also get a little bit of Cooro's past. Someone even mentions that he should stop by the church in the next town. And that is pretty much where the volume ends. I wonder what we are going to learn in the last volume. I guess the only way to find out is to read it.

Being freshly starting this series, I'm not sure how I feel yet. The first book I found interesting since the main character doesn't start out as a ghoul and we experience him slowly transitioning into something he knows nothing about. It makes me wonder how this series is going to go. There is just so much hype about this series and I kind of don't want to be disappointed. So I was ready to dive into the pages of the second volume, ready for the adventures that awaited me. Anyways, our main character is slowly learning about the new world he is apart of. He is also learning that they sometimes don't actually kill their victims. Sometimes they find already dead bodies and clean them up for those that don't hunt. I find it facinating that the author/writer is putting so much detail in explaining everything. And it's not all in your face, here are all of the facts and remember. It's like they are actually teaching a new ghoul about the lifestyle and the tricks they need to know in order to survive.  And, survival is a little difficult when you have a whole organization dead set on killing you. I wish I could tell you more, but that would just ruin the whole story. Off to read the next volume.

I know there is an end to this series, but thank the lord that I'm no where near it. I'm not a huge fan of Naruto, but I'm still a fan. Anyways, training for Naruto is under way with who he calls the Pervy Sage. I remember the episodes that I watched in the anime. So I think I'm still in the refresher stage. I'm kind of starting to wonder when I will be able to learn something new with this series. Of course , the volume ends the moment Naruto is about to fight Neji. Not a whole lot happens before that. Just everyone training or recovering. Some poeple watching spies get killed. In the anime it shows more detail but I think it is because they need to fill in thirty minutes per chapter or two. I feel bad that I don't really have anything to say this time around. Not a whole lot happens. I remember this being the part in the anime that I also hated because there wasn't much going on. Just everyone preparing for the final round of the exam. At least the action picks up in the next volume.

So until next time.....

Friday, September 1, 2017

Reading The Haunted

Hello Bookies,

The book is going slow. I'm sorry, but I had to say it. For the first quarter of the book, I've gone through our main female character questioning things. Trying to convince herself that everything she has experienced before her break away from home was real. It was all she made up in her head. I know that this isn't what the whole book is about, but it just started to feel like it. But she still sees dead people. Kind of curious as to why she does. Hopefully, we will learn about it soon. I'm about ready to put this book back on its shelf. I don't remember the first one enough to know whether or not if I wanted to do the same thing with that one. But I'm getting bored and I need something pretty soon. I just finished the chapter where Caspian comes back. Abbey doesn't want to see him, but yet she just can't stay away from him. It sounds like a bad drama doesn't it. Or a bad romance movie.

So until next time......

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Started reading The Haunted by Jessica Verday

What is up Bookies,

I am finally reading the second book of this series. To be honest, I did forget about it for a little bit. But I remembered and the book is now in my hands. I'm not even sure when I read the first book. It's been a while. Maybe a year or two. Either way, this is one of the few books that I remember enough to know what will be happening in this book. I'm pretty sure that I haven't read many books where the main character's boyfriend ends up being a ghost the whole entire book. It just makes me wonder how she was able to see him and other's couldn't. I also remember the old couple in the woods that I am curious about. I remember finishing the first book thinking, "What the hell is going on?!", my mind was completely blown by the end of it. So high expectations for this book. Only downside to this book with the beautiful simple cover is the fact that the person before me must have had kids or something because their is pen all over the first few pages. The disrespect is real strong here. But I'll suck it up because I'm curious on how this book is going to play out.

So until next time......

Manga Post #5

Hello Bookies,

Only one manga this time around only because one didn't come in and the other I kind of requested the book I had just handed in. I can really be an idiot sometimes. Anyways, that just means that this post will only be focused on one manga. It's actually a pretty popular one in the nerd world too, or so I hear. Someone should point me towards the anime so I can watch it and see how close to the manga it is. Hint, hint.

My curiosity has gotten the best of me this time around. I've heard so much about this series that I just had to check it out. I've noticed that the cover is quite simple and I don't know the storyline or what the series is about. People talk about it like I should know what it is they are saying. I fear that they would judge me if I ask what the hell they are talking about. So I just stand that being all confused and pretend I know what they are talking about. Anyways, this book is highly respected at the library. Either that or it's a new one that just got ordered recently. I like new books. Anyways, the book starts out differently than I thought it would. I thought that the main character would already be a ghoul, but I guess not. He was kind of turned into one I guess. Interesting way to start things. So, you get to read the story as he slowly turns into a ghoul. You get to see the confusing he is experiencing because his body is changing.  I found the whole thing pretty interesting. So interesting that I finished the book before I even realized it. That is a good sign. The series has started on a good note. Only good things to talk about it so far.

So until next time.....

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Manga Post #4

That is right Bookies, another manga post.

Sadly there is one series I will have to say goodbye to. Oddly enough, I'm not that sad to see it go. Only because I'm a heartless person with no soul. I'm sorry but the series made me feel nothing and I was just annoyed with it. I'm sure you know which series I'm talking about.

The last volume of A Silent voice, unless there is more to the series that I don't know about, and I was curious on how this one was going to play out. It took us a while to get here and we all know my personal feelings towards this series. I'm probably one of the few people that didn't actually like this series and the majority of you are going to hate me for it. The last book didn't help much making me fall in love with the series either. But don't let my bad review hold you guys back from reading the series. For all, I know you guys might actually really like it. It's just not my cup of tea I guess. Anyways, the volume pretty much resolves everything. Our main guy decides to live on with out whining and blocking people out of his life. Which is probably the more grown up thing to do. Other characters realize that they didn't grow up much since they were kids and decided to use that to become a better person. Anyways, their movie is complete but they didn't win because the director guy is a major jerk. I'm surprised no one stuck it to him and put him in his place. I think I would have liked the series better if the characters weren't such push overs, but I'm not the writer and they wanted the characters like that to make a point. The series has an obvious message to it, but I still didn't like it. Oh well, off to the next manga.

The big fight between Rock Lee and Gara has begun. I remember watching it in the anime, so it is interesting to read it out instead. The battle wasn't as detailed as it was in the anime but that is only because they try to fill in the blanks to make the episode longer. But so far the anime has followed pretty nicely with the manga and I would have to give a thumbs up for that. I feel like I don't have much to say towards the volume this time around because I'm still following what I had already watched. So, it feels like it is all just a review to me. But at least the refresher reminded me on how Choji lost against the sound ninja. It was a pretty quick fight and I figured the sound ninja won. But now with a month of them to rest and train, Naruto tries to find someone to help him. Sadly, the person chosen to help him train really likes to talk. I swear I just went through four pages of the instructor describing the use of stamina. I am like Naruto in the sense that it just goes over my head and I don't really pay attention to what I read. It makes me realize that even though I like the Uchihas, I'm most like Naruto. But that is if we are talking about which character I relate to more. Anyways, it's off to the next volume and maybe something that isn't a review to me. But I'm pretty sure I have watched all of the episodes regarding Naruto's training with Guy. I guess I will find out when I read the next volume.

Only two more volumes after this one. It kind of makes me sad, to be honest. I really enjoy this series. All of the characters are so lovable. Anyways, this volume picks up where the last one left off. If you guys don't know how the last volume ended, an old traveler was telling Nana and Cooro about how he knew Senri. So the end of the volume was the start of the flashback. In this volume, we start still in the flashback. The guy is explaining the time he saw Senri go mad. Then he goes into telling how their group had lost Senri. After the flashback, we are back in present time and the crew is still on their way to save Husky, who has oddly enough dressed himself as a mermaid again. He must have been facing someone from his past that he didn't want them to recognize him. Anyways, we get to learn a little bit more about Husky. Turns out he is a very important person. Or, somewhat important. Anyways, things get more intense towards the end of the book and we find out what happened to Husky to make him an +anima. Well, sort of. I enjoyed the volume greatly. The only thing I hated was how it ended. Talk about major cliff hanger. The next volume for this series better show up at the library quick because I can't wait to get my hands on the next one. I must know what happens next. It's almost like a need at this point.

So until next time......

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Search for Wondla is on hold

Hey Bookies,

So, I have to put The Search for Wondla on hold due to the fact that it has to go back to the library and it's not under my name. It's under my brother's card. So I have no way of renewing it. I will request it when I can, but right now I'm at the limit of my holds. There really shouldn't be a limit, if I were being honest here. Anyways, I am sorry for the news and I would really like to read more of the book. But I just can't at this time. Keep an eye out for the new posts on the book when they start being put up again. I'll make sure to review it.

So until next time......

Almost done reading Half-Blood

Hello Bookies,

This took me so much longer to read than it should have. I blame the fact that I was busy going through my grans' stuff and setting up a garage sale. Also, I had to squeeze in some of my Korean lessons. Either way, I'm finally almost done with the book. Now if only I could remember what I had mentioned in my last few posts. Oh well. If I miss something, you guys can read the book and learn about the book yourself. Anyways, I highly enjoyed the book. There was a place where it dragged on a bit, but it was still pretty good. We had a bit of a steamy moment. Some people died and other did actually die. Something was learned about the enemy. Our main character finds out what all of the hype is about her that made her stepfather bring in a very powerful person to her school. She even almost dies but escapes with her life and her best friends life. A lot happens that I can't tell you about really or it would just ruin the book. But I do highly recommend to start this series like I did. I know half of you have probably read the book already, but for those who didn't, go read it. I look forward to the second book. But if I had to be honest here, I would probably still give it four stars. Not five because it didn't grip at my heart like some books have. Maybe the more I read the series, the more my heart will get ripped out of my chest.

So until next time........