Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reading Opposition

Hello Bookies,

This book is lying to me, I just know it. Or, at least Goodreads is. I know for a fact that I'm farther than forty percent through the book but they are saying otherwise. I think it has to do with the bonus material at the end. Either way, lets get talking about the book. The world has gone to crap. Daemon's kind has pretty much started their plan at world domination. Military is fighting back and a few Origins have joined the bad alien side. Things are just crazy. So why not think up of a crazy plan to find the aliens that like to kill luxens to help beat the bad aliens. That is pretty much where I left off. Katy, Archer, and Daemon are on a read trip in search othe the Arum. I think that is how you spell it. All to make a deal to fight the Luxen that have taken over the Earth. I can see how fantastic this idea is because there is a possiblity that things could go horriblly wrong. But it could also go completely right. I have to read more to find out. I know this series is old, but it has taken me a while just to get the last book. If any of you know the ending, please don't tell me. I would like to find out on my own. Right now I'm fighting between reading, writing, and watching dramas. It's a hard life I lead.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Started reading Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Well Bookies,

Here is another series that I didn't get to finish and I haven't read for like two or three years. I'm not sure why I was putting off the ending of this series for so long. I hardly remember a whole lot. All I can remember in the series is that our main female character is named Katy and she moves to a town after the death of her father. I think that was the reason, I can't really remember. Anyways, she has some neighbors next door that don't really have any parents watching over them and they couldn't be more opposite. Daemon, the brother of the two kids living next door, is cold and acts like he hates Katy. But oddly she is highly attracted to him. His sister, I think Dee is her name, just wants to have a friend for once. So there is hell to be paid as secrets get revealed and baddies are after Daemon and his sister. The first book ends and I can't remember what took place in the second book but I think Daemon finally admits to his feelings and he starts dating Katy. I do know they get captured at one point by the government to get tested on or something like that. They escape somehow. End up on the run. I think there is marriage and babies involved in the last book. And that is all I can really remember except for all of the hell that broke loose in the last book during their escape. Now I'm at the last book and I have no idea what to think. I just know that the book is going to have a happy ending and that is pretty much it because what kind of book has a terrible ending where everyone dies? Don't answer that. I'm sure there are a few of them out there. But I'm going to go read now.

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Finished reading Maybe Not

Finishing three books in three days is not bad. It should be a record for me. Okay, maybe it isn't that impressive when the three books I read was two mangas and a short novel. But if it counts towards my reading challenge, I'll take it. Anyways, the book takes place during the first one. It just explains more about Warren's complicated relationship that took place in the first book that I'm sure a lot of readers had questions about. And I have to say that his relationship is pretty typical for two people who appeared to hate each other to actually loving each other. Also, I have to give our main girl some slack because she had a bit of a rough start and didn't trust anyone. I just found it funny that the more she tried to push Warren away, the more he chased after her. He wasn't going to give up without a fight. If only most guys were like that. Especially the ones I end up dating. They see trouble and they run the other way. Anyways, I can't really say much about the book since it's so short. But it is a very enjoyable quick read if you need it. So I do recommend reading this book and the first one. Colleen is a pretty good writer and I even suggest her books to the guests at the hotel I work at. I even suggested this book while I was reading it. That says a lot about how much of a fan I am of Colleen.

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Started reading Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover

Hey there Bookies,

When was the last time I read a Colleen Hoover book? It has been a while I think. I can't even remember the last book I read that was by her. I think it was This Girl, but I could be wrong. Anyways, this is going to be a quick read. I only know this because this I guess takes place after Maybe Someday. Or, does it take during the time in that book but just with a different point of view. I don't really know. I only read like three pages of the book. So far I have Warren getting pranked by Ridge again and then running into a bathroom naked only to see they have a new roommate. If it didn't take me so long to get my hands on this book, I would probably remember what happened in Maybe Someday. I guess the only solution to my lack of memory is to read this book and pray that it will jog something useful up there.

So until next time...

Manga post #12

Happy Holidays Bookies,

Sorry for not posting sooner. It took me a while to actually get my books from the library due to the holidays. Also sorry for not wishing anyone a happy holiday sooner because I didn't have time to even go on my computer. I love and hate the holidays. Just saying. Anyways, I was able to pick up my books yesterday and I already finished one. I'm pretty sure you can guess which ones were finished right away just by reading the title of this post.

Tokyo Ghoul was a little confusing at first for this volume. It took me a while to remember what the last one was about, but it was nice to see the history of Touka and her brother. I hope those two get along soon because family shouldn't fight. Also, I have to say that I thought her brother was older, not her. Learned something there. Anyways, I really like the series so far. I'm not sure how many volumes are left, but I have to say that I like the manga more than I like the anime. Still, haven't seen the live action film, but I do plan to as soon as I can. Right now I'm watching the Japanese version Live action film for Deathnote. So far I am not disappointed. Anyways, back to the manga, I have in my hands that I finished in like an hour. Our main character has shown up and pretty much saves the day....ish. Then he walks off in the end to pursue some personal business I guess with a selected few. I guess I will find out more about that in the next volume. Which I have already requested. I guess I need to finish my other books in order for me to find out what happens next in this series. I do highly recommend it because it is interesting. A little on the slow side, but still interesting. Sadly, not one of my favorites.

Nothing like getting the volume your favorite character is in. Sure he may have murdered his whole entire clan and traumatized his little brother for life, but I still find him the coolest character in the series. Hate me for it, I'm still an Itachi fan. Anyways, I remember some of it from the anime but it is still nice to read about. But after Itachi has his appearance the search for the new leader is back in motion. I know what the village leader is called, I just don't know how to spell it off hand. Anyways, Naruto also starts learning a new technique. And, he will keep training until he passes out which is pretty much what he is doing just so he can master this technique. Anything to become the best and have people respect you, I guess. Which reading this manga series makes me want to watch the anime and the movies all over again. It also makes me curious if there is a live action movie out there somewhere, only because I've been watching live-action films lately. It would be pretty cool to see how they would pull off this series in a live action film. I bet it would be awesome. But I'm going to head out. I have a lot to read and a live-action film of Tokyo Ghoul to finish.

So until next time.......

Friday, December 22, 2017

Rereading The Devil Laughed by Gerrie Ferris Finger

Hello Bookies,

I didn't get a chance to pick up my books from the library before the holidays, so I'm stuck with the books I have until the place opens again. So I figured I make the posts for The Devil Laughed right this time around since I have to reread everything. I guess that happens after it being missing for two or three years.

The book starts off with our main character joining what I assume is her boyfriend at a cook out with some friends during the 4th of July. The weather apparently has been really hot and there has been a drought so bad that fireworks got cancelled and the lake that are at is really low. So low that they are able to spot a missing boat just sticking out of the water. There is quite a story behind the boat that is full of mystery and questions. Two couples were on the boat, they did some activites and then took off to never be seen again. Only to have a body wash up while the others are mysteriously gone along wiht the boat. There was a huge search party, but the boat was never found. Well, at least until now when the lake is really low. Anyways, our main character's friend knows that its big to find the missing boat that she just has to stick her nose into the investigation that is going on. But eventually the whole group gets directed away. Leaving them to discuss the situation and the history of the case while eating their 4th of July meal. I kind of remember this part and it all feels a little weird to me but they are all just throwing around ideas and theories at this point. But the next chapter introduces our main character meeting her new client. She has her own business to find missing children, but she ends up getting the daughter of one of the missing people looking to her for help in finding her mother. The daughter is sure her mother is alive and doesn't believe in the rumors. Her hope is even high strong when a body is found in the same lake the sailboat was found. I can't remember if they found out who the body was. I think they reveal it later on, but I'm not sure. But slowly things are starting to get back to me. But I'm going to head out and continue reading.

So until next time......

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I found a missing book

Hey there Bookies,

You remember about two years ago I lost a book that I was reading because my family had a habit of hiding books on me. Well that missing book has been found. Sadly it has been so long that I might have to reread it though. Maybe skimming through it will help jog the memory about the book. I tried reading what I had wrote previously on about the book and I have to say that I suck back then. I don't give any information on the book. No wonder you guys don't read my blog that often.

Anyways the book in quesitons is The Devil Laughed. I'm not sure where it has been hiding all of these two years but it magically appeared one day. My gramps must have found it thinking it was my cousins or something. He probably found it going through my grans' things after she passed, then placed it on her desk waiting for some one to claim it. I was so happy to see the book after so long. It's a shame that it took going through my deceased grandmother's things in order to find it. But now I can finally finish the book. Time for a happy dance.

So until next time.......