Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Started reading The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Hey Bookies,

So it looks like I finished Frozen sooner then expected. I still have an hour to kill at work, so it has been decided. I'll be reading The 5th Wave next. All I know is that this became a movie, that I haven't seen yet, but it looked really good. So of course I had to read the book first. It makes perfect sense. Anyways, I'm not sure what the whole story is about. From what I got from the movie, its about an alien invasion. The trailer of the movie listed all these plagues to expect during the take over, but they never said what the fifth wave was. All the more reason to read the book. But I'm going to read it and see if I like it. Also I might compare the movie to the book.

So until next time.......

Almost done reading Frozen

Hey there Bookies,

I spilt tea on the book. A sin to anyone who loves books as much as I do. Technically I didn't spill the tea on my book. The tea mainly fell into my backpack where the book was. So it ended up getting a little water damage. Still makes me extremely sad. And I am usually careful ever since I accidentally set a book on fire because I didn't know about the security chip. I'm a disaster when it comes to books. Anyways, my disasters aside, lets talk about the book. They are still traveling. But they rescued some people, got abandoned by what was remaining of the crew after one was thrown off the ship by an unknown force, then had no idea how they were going to eat. But our leading lady was smart and remembered seeing fish, so food was no longer a problem. But captivity is. Now they just have to figure out how to escape from being traded off as slaves. Sadly you won't find out through me. This is my last post on the book since I only have fifty pages left. I know it doesn't say that on goodreads, but its true. But if you want to know how the book end, I highly recommend getting the book and finding out yourself. Its a very enjoyable book. Not one of my favorites, but still pretty good. But I'm going to go finish the book. My next book that I'll be reading all depends whether or not I get all my books in at the library to pick up. If I don't, it will be a book that had a movie come out just recently for it, like a year or sooner. We will just have to see.

So until next time.......

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Reading Frozen part 3

Hey there Bookies,

So it looks like I'm about two thirds of the way through the book. But I can't breath easy yet. I'm still way behind schedule. At least I'm slowly catching up. Anyways, the whole entire time I was reading the book since my last post, its all been about their journey to paradise or The Blue. And I should add that it hasn't been easy for them. We got the military coming after them because they don't have permission to leave the city. Had to gamble for a ship, almost losing. Getting the ship taken over by creatures that look undead, but actually aren't. Almost getting trapped in a pile of garbage. Something big enough to tear their ship apart. And, crew members trying to kill off their captain. Seems like our leading lady has it pretty much easy, right? As long as she helps out by saving the captain and staying away from the trouble makers in the crew. But at least she doesn't have to hid from these guys anymore because they pretty much figured what she was already. Also it helps when you have some color blind crew members. And I guess its a little late for them to turn back now since they are so close to paradise. Wonder what other obstacles they are going to face in order to get to where they need to be. Only way to find out is to read the rest of the book.

So until next time.......

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reading Frozen part 2

When was the last time I posted about this book? When was the last time I picked it up? At least I remember the idea of the book. Sort of. Just bare with me Bookies. Its hard to remember half of the books I read. But at least I'm making in a dent in my catching up. I really slacked off these past few months. Shame on me. Anyways, I'm back to reading Frozen after what feels like forever. For those that need a refresher, like me, the book is about a girl who lives in a world completely different then ours. Its like the future and the world as we know has flooded and froze over. Basically a whole bunch of natural disasters happened and now humanity is trying to survive. Which apparently isn't easy when you can't grow anything because everything is frozen over. Can't hunt, because its illegal and most of the wildlife is extinct anyways. So people are just living off of what they can find or its rationed. Anyways, we mainly follow this girl who is considered to be a dangerous mutant because she was born with a mark and blue eyes. Apparently when the world came to an end, the people with blue eyes changed and became some thing unknown. And being scared of the unknown, society captured them and did tests on them. Such a shame. Anyways, our leading lady has a mission that a voice in her head told her to take on. That mission is to find paradise in the frozen wasteland. Sadly this paradise is impossible to find and many have searched only to fail. Luckly for our leading lady she got a hold of a map that should lead her to this paradise, but she can't do it on her own. So she steals from the casino that she works at, puts the blame on some thieves, and then hires said thieves to take her to a place where this promised land supposedly is. But she can't tell them anything in fear that she would expose what she really is because she lived a life of hiding. So that's all pretty much there is to tell so far in the book. At least that I cam remember. But I'm going to head out and start reading the book. Hopefully I make enough progress to tell you guys what is going on in the book since these guys started their journey. So until next time........

Almost done reading Silver Shadows

Good morning Bookies,

I spent all night reading and its only because I couldn't put the book down during the big escape. Even though I am at a part where they are now trying to lose the alchemist's that are trying to capture them as they flee from the scene. And may I add that they are not making it easy for out two love birds? Kind of makes me wonder who this book is going to end. I only have forty pages left and so much can happen in that short amount of time. But I do know that Sydney will forever have to be on the run from the alchemists. Unless she takes down the  whole entire community. Possible storyline for the next book? I won't know until I get the book from the library. Looks like it will be a long wait until I get my hands on it.  But until then, I have other books that I need to catch up on.

So until next time.....

Reading At Any Price part 3

I swear to God, Bookies. This book is taking way longer then it should. I feel like I read like twenty pages tonight and only moved four percent in the book since my last goodreads update. I'm starting to think I should of just sucked it up and got a physical copy of this book. I know I still can, but my bank account is slowly going down since I spent $300 on food and stuff for my dogs. I can't buy books on only $50. Especially when I have a car payment coming up. Anyways, I have some theories on this book and I might cave and get the physical copy. With my luck, there won't be any. I just wanted to complain because I'm getting no where. But I'm going to go into a corner and cry now. So until next time......

Reading Silver Shadows part 2

Hey there Bookies,

So I didn't finish the book yet. Why? Because apparently all I do during my days off is watch movies and K-dramas. I'm a horrible person. But at least I can say I watched the new Hunger Games movie finally. Major shock ending to that movie by the way. Didn't see it coming. But that is not why you are here because I never read the Hunger Games series. Oops. Anyways, back to the book that I'm actually reading. Things are going down in the book. Sydney has gained quite a reputation at the facility she is at. Also Adrian finally got out of his downward spiral. You would think that they are finally making progress, but you would be wrong. There is still some things they need to know in order to free Sydney. Like finding where the heck she is. That would be a really good start. But at least they are making progress and Adrian can see her again. This just makes me want to read the book more. Instead of the three chapters that I've read in a week business. Again, oops. For now I'm just going to continue reading. Only because I'm banned from listening to music while at work because apparently wearing headphones to invisible guests is frowned upon. At least I get more reading done and can most likely catch up.

So until next time.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reading Silver Shadows

Hey there Bookies,

Silver Shadows is proving to be one of those books that will be a short read for me. I'm about a third of the way through the book. So far I have Sydney trying to figure out who her allies are and Adrian trying to fill the empty void that Sydney had left behind. Also while Sydney is trying to find a way to escape the location she is trapped in, Adrian is out partying with a girl that has a huge crush on him. I see some hearts breaking in the future. But how do they get reunited? Sydney has to escape, right? So how is that going to happen? We already know at this point on how she stops the gases that they are feeding her through the air. All thanks to her roommate. I wish I could tell you more, but there honestly isn't a lot happening. Just both suffering in the absence of the other. And both trying to find an escape. Sydney from captivity. Adrian from his pain of separation.

So until next time.......

Monday, March 21, 2016

Started reading Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

Hey Bookies,

Its been a while since I saw this series. Anyways, we all know this one right. The forbidden love story between an alchemist and a vampire. Both have been raised with different views about the other's people. But that doesn't stop them from falling in love. In the last book they tried to keep there secret hidden from the world. Sadly Sydney's sister wanted to be the star in Daddy's eyes and turned her sister in. Making the book end with us at the edge of our seats and wondering how Sydney is going to get herself out of this situation. Well now we get to find out in this book. Also to see how Adrian handles the separation from his love. Sadly the book isn't as think as the others, but that just means that I get the answers I've been asking since I finished the last book. I'm off to read.

So until next time.......

Almost done reading Ten Tiny Breaths

Hey there Bookies,

I'm sad to inform that I'm coming to an end with Ten Tiny Breaths. The book has been good, but its time to move on. But it sure has to throw a mind blowing event before we finish the book. Thanks a lot for that K.A. Tucker. One way to make us want to read more. But I love the book all the same. A lot happens after the halfway point. So much that I can't tell you all of it. But I can say that Kacey falls in love and then gets crushed in an instant. Also she almost loses another person she highly cares about. This is defiantly a book I'd recommend to you all. You'd love it right away. If not right away, for sure by the halfway point. But I have to head out for now.

So until next time......

Reading At Any Price part 2

Hello Bookies,

You probably thought I forgot about this book. But I have not. Also I kind of gave up fighting for the device that has this book on it. So I bought a new phone which makes reading this book so much easier. But the downside is that it takes longer to read a small chapter. Can't win them all I guess. Anyways, the book is pretty interesting at this point. For those who don't remember the book and what I've talked about way back when, the book starts with a pre-med student named Emillia. Probably spelt her name wrong, but I at least tried. Anyways, she is in a bit of a pickle. Her mom is on the brink of losing everything, so our leading lady decides to put on an auction. And just not any auction, but one where she sells her virginity. Illegal in our country but she found some loop holes. Anyways, after the auction she meets her winner. Instantly she hates him because he is a complete jerk to her. But first impressions say absolutely nothing apparently in this book. The guy ends up being okay. The only problem is he keeps finding reasons to not fulfill the agreement. Its getting to the point that I think the guy loves her. Also our leading lady is falling for him, but she just doesn't want to admit it yet. Heck she doesn't even want to have feelings for him. She keeps saying that what they have is just business, but I'm getting to think that our leading man Adam had different plans. I'm halfway through the book and I just have to motivate myself to finish.

So until next time.......

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reading Ten Tiny Breaths part 2

Hello my wonderful Bookies,

It seems like I'm just breezing through this book when I get the chance to read it. Also having nothing to do at work other then read seems to help as well. Anyways, things are starting to be revealed in the book. I forgot to mention in the last post that every character you meet seems to have a mysterious past. Someone left something behind when they moved into this set of apartment buildings. You learn about the single mother, Storm's past first. To make her story short is that she married too young and had to grow up fast. Next is Kacey's boss's past. Or at least the meaning behind the name of his club and the tattoo that he sports. Long story short, a nice girl that worked for him met an unforeseen end while on the job. Last is Trent's past. Everyone calls this guy hot and yummy in the book. But anyways, we don't know much about him yet. He is willing to reveal it to Kacey because he has strong feelings for her. I'm sure there is more then this whole love at first sight vibe going on here. Trent has a past that I have a feeling interacts with Kacey's. Its just a hunch, but I'm putting some clues together here. Maybe he was a cousin of her now dead boyfriend. I could be highly wrong on that. But the only way is to read more of the book. Right?

So until next time.......

Reading Ten Tiny Breaths

Hey there Bookies,

So this book doesn't waste anytime getting started. You pretty much experience the accident out leading lady was in right from the beginning. Its more like she dreams it, but that's only because she is haunted by her memories of that fateful night. Anyways, our leading lady runs away from her home with her little sister after something happens that involves the uncle. Right away I don't like their aunt and uncle. I'm just saying. You will also see if you haven't read the book yet. But if you have, you know exactly what I mean. Anyways, Kacey is the name of our leading lady. She has spent years trying to shut people out in order to keep her memories at bay. But some people enter her life that makes it a little difficult. We all know that Trent is one of them. Well for those that actually read the back of the book before reading. Unlike someone we Also there is a single mom that they Kacey likes to think of as their angel from heaven. She helps them out a lot. Like getting Kacey a decent paying job so they could have food. Also she tends to invite them over to have meals. So far that is all the main characters and everything that is going on. Looks like its time for me to head on out and continue reading.

So until next time........

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Started reading Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker

Hey there my wonderful Bookies.

You have no idea how long I've waited to read a book by this author. I follow her on Facebook and just reading the previews make me want to read her books. Sadly I don't know what any of her books are about. I should really start reading the back of books. Anyways, I'm pretty excited to read this book. I got high expectations for it and I am pretty positive that I won't be disappointed.

Sorry for the short post. But I can't say much when I haven't read the book yet. I haven't even started yet. But keep an eye out for future posts on this book.

So until next time.........

Returning books...

I have to apologize to my Bookies. The disadvantages of borrowing books from the library is that I have to eventually return them. Kind of makes me sad really because I didn't get any reading done during the time I actually had the books. Too much was on my plate I guess. But I will make it my goal to request them again and actually finish the books. Hopefully. The books I'm talking about is Raised by Wolves and Mind Game. I only got a third of the way with both books, but its time to return them. I am basically trading them in for two more books at the library, but I will request them and try to get them back as soon as possible. Also for those Bookies who are wondering about the book At Any Price, I have recently returned to reading that book. Its hard to read something when the device that the book is on keeps getting taken from me. My young siblings have an addiction to electronics and can't comprehend the joys of reading. Its sad really. But hopefully I can get a that book done soon. As for Frozen, I'm still reading that one, but I wanted to get caught up on the other books that I am ready. I also know there is a huge list of books that I haven't finished yet. Either they were misplaced or still being waited for, I have not forgotten about them. But I do have to get a new The Devil Laughed book because that book is forever gone. Can't find it for the life of me. Makes me sad really. But I will get to all the books that I still have yet to read as soon as I can. Promise. I am just taking this a day at a time. I'm not quitting when the two year mark is coming up. Wow, two years this blog has been going. Wonder what year three has in store for us. So until next time.....

Possible fandom name?

If there was a fandom out there for this blog, or for people who love books just as much as me, I came up with a nickname that I might actually use from now on. If its already been used, I might have to get a little creative. Anyways, I came up with the nickname Bookies. My mom wanted me to call you all my Robies, but I hate that name since middle school so I'm just going to go with Bookies. What do you think guys? Are you all okay with that? Or, should we all put our heads together and come up with a better name? Its all up to you guys. But for now you are my Bookies. So congrats on getting a fandom name if there was one. This also is good motivation to read more because I don't want to disappoint my Bookies. So until next time......

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Reading Raised by Wolves

Hello fellow bookworms,

Long time no see. I am sorry for the huge delay. I haven't been reading lately because I was busy doing research for one of my books. Camp Nanowrimo is around the corner, but I still haven't signed up for it yet. I still have a few weeks to decide whether or not I want to take part in it or not. Anyways, I read when I can. So I'm about a third of the way through Raised by Wolves. All I have to say is that I love the leading lady. She sounds just like me on some days. My mother would say every day. Anyways, its pretty interesting so far. There are some funny parts. But mostly its about a girl who lives with a bunch of werewolves after her family being killed by a rabid one. She pretty much goes by what she has been told since she was brought into the pack, to a point. But one day she gets curious and finds a freshly turned werewolf  in the basement of her alpha's house. Then she become obsessed with him and goes through all this trouble to talk to him, and that is pretty much as far as I have gotten. I know that something is going to happen between these two. I just don't know what yet. But I do plan to find out. Hopefully before the book has to go back in ten days. Writing season is such an attention hog. So until next time.......