Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Against the Wall and Sign

I still have bookmarks. Comment if you want one and just think of it as my apology for not writing any posts the past few days. The holidays get a little crazy in my house.

Anyways, you guys are probably thinking I forgot all about this book. When was the last time I said anything about it anyways. But that is besides the point since I have enough to tell you what is going on in the book with a little recap if I haven't said much. So our main character is named Shel, probably short for Shelly. Anyways, she is a teacher at a high school who recently went through a break up with another teacher with in the school. She didn't take the break up too easily because one, they were engaged and two, he ends up dating the sluttiest teacher in the school. Basically its just a school full of teachers that are doing each other. In a sense. Anyways, our main character ends up forming this lust crush on her best  friend Matty, who is -what do you know? he's a teacher too at the same school. So Matty and Shel end up having lunch together which starts a whole bunch of rumors that they are sleeping together. Only because Matty has serious hots for Shel. The guy doesn't even care if he is a rebound, he just wants a shot. But this also makes Shel's ex furious in some sense and comes after them and tries to set Matty off. Sadly it doesn't really happen, but gets pretty close. Then all is good. Even when Matty comes to the rescue and helps Shel out a situation with her ex at a football game. I see wedding bells in the future with these two. What girl doesn't want her own knight in shining armor?

But lets get to the next book I'm reading. I may have complained about the book a little too soon. Because I'm pretty sure the characters has entered the twilight zone as soon as I finished complaining how slow the book is. Basically our main characters are driving in some thick fog. I think I told you that they hit something, but didn't know what. Well they escape the fog and come up to a well lit gas station. Only problem is that the gas station hasn't had anyone there in years. Also there is no hint to where they are. All they had was a comic book with the word Sign as the title. Creepy. Sadly while they are investigating the gas stations a dark figure ends up slashing all four of their tires and then leads them to an already running truck. They end up investigating the truck and find some things that remind one of the characters of their child hood. But he thinks the truck is safe enough and has his wife climb in with him. Sadly there is no way to tell them how much gas they have, but decide to drive off anyways. I mean anywhere is better then a creepy abandoned gas station. Well until they turn on the headlights and see the word Sign freshly painted on the back of the gas station. That sure made them high tail it out of there, making them feel safe, but I wouldn't count my chickens just yet. Especially when the chapter ends with something stirring under the tarp in the back of the truck. This book just got crazy. So until next time......

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reading Sign

So the last time I talked to you about this book our main character was off to have a weekend getaway with his wife. Well I'm sad to report that I've spent two or three chapters of them just driving around getting to the getaway. This book is pretty slow and its making me read it pretty slow. This book better pick up in the next few chapters or I'm calling it a bust. Anyways, the only exciting this that has happened in the book since I last left off is that our couple hit something big while driving in the thickest fog ever. Our main character thought it was a man who was smiling, our main character thought it was just a big animal. Either way nothing was found. I left off when they got to a gas station and no one is there. Looked like no one had been there for years. So our couple is trying to figure out where they are so they can make it to their destination. Can't rely on the GPS because that thing went out a few miles back. So until next time......

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Back to reading Sign by Lou Rera

Okay so I just finished Breakable. Loved the book, not as much as Easy, but still loved it. Anyways, I'm back to reading Sign, which I still have four bookmarks for. I haven't read anything since I last left off. Sorry. Its the holidays with the fam, and apparently its required to mingle with them. They are nice people, except my mom who hides my books from me so I have no choice but to spend time with everyone. How rude. Anyways, I'm going to go read this book and find out how its possible to get a call from a dead guy. Also just leave a comment if you want a bookmark. Just think of it as a way to help out an author by getting word out for their book. So Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and until next time......

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Finished reading Stepbrother Dearest (Beware of spoilers.)

The only reason why I finished this book was only because I couldn't put it down during the end. And I was right when I said that things were going to get interesting after Randy, the stepdad, died. Not only does Elec end up having a huge break down, but Greta comes in and saves him. Then they go to a casino and act ways they shouldn't. Especially Elec. Their parting was kind of heartbreaking, but Greta was right to leave things the way they were. It was also the great slap in the face for Elec. Now I will explain how I know this. Its because Elec was secretly writing behind his girlfriend's back and never mentioned it. He ended up sending the unfinished product to Greta. She ends up reading his book and finding about the things he has never told anyone. Like how Randy is actually his half brother. Shocker. That is highly explained on how that works out. Greta also didn't see it coming with that bit of news. Then she reads about how he felt when they were teenagers. How he had been doing since they parted ways. How he went after her only to find out that she was engaged. That part pretty much broke him and had him end up dating his girlfriend. When Greta finished reading the book, she pretty much assumed that he decided that he wanted to marry his girlfriend. So you can imagine her surprise when he randomly shows up at the club that she was at with some friends. Also the way he proposed to her is so sweet. The ending was pretty amazing. Also I think I can say that I pretty much fell in love with this book. Sadly the library doesn't have anymore Penelope Ward books, so  I can't read anymore of her books. I'd like to, but I guess I'll just have to wait when I can order it online for my personal library after my move out to the East Coast. But this book was so worth the waiting and complications that I had just to read it. So until next time......

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Halfway through Stepbrother Dearest (Spoilers? Maybe.)

It kind of makes me sad on how fast I'm reading this book. And its during the holidays. By the way, happy holidays to everyone. I got a day of baking tomorrow to do and then a family dinner the day afterwards. Honestly I want to spend it with a certain someone but he rather stay on the coast. But he's spending time with family, so that is okay with me. I don't need much. Anyways, lets get talking about this book because we all know that I'm going to be highly sad when its over. So our story starts with our main lady, Greta, waiting for the arrival of her stepbrother Elec. Never seen those names before. Anyways, he finally arrives and you know that things are going to go down between these two. They start doing things as pranks, but I have to say that Elec kind of goes over the line a few times. Its to the point the guy is like flirting with her, he even kisses her. He also may have sabotaged a few dates that Greta went on. They then end up getting close to the point that well, they do the naughty. Sadly that moment didn't last long enough because he left the next day to never be seen again. Well until his father dies. So seven years our star crossed lovers are reunited. Only problem is that Elec seemed to have moved on and Greta hasn't. Elec has a new girlfriend that he met though work that he lives with and all. Greta is honestly a little uncomfortable with this information even when the girlfriend confines in her to talk about their sex life. Ouch. Of course the girlfriend leaves while Elec stayed behind. This is where things are about to get interesting. So until next time.....

Monday, December 22, 2014

Started reading Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

So I'm putting Sign aside only because I got a new book from the library and due to the limit time I have with this book, I'm just going to jump right in.

Lets start of with me drooling over the guy on the cover. Yum. Okay enough staring. I've been waiting for what feels like forever to read this book. There were some complications while waiting, in other words the first time around it got lost. But I finally has it. So none of that waiting matters. Also I'd like to say that I have no idea what the book is about. Which it becoming a huge habit of mine. Oh well. It makes me get that much more into the book because I don't know anything. But I'm going to read this book and judging with how surprisingly small it is, I'll be done in a day. Then I can finally finish Breakable since I finally got that book back. Then I'll go back to reading Sign. So many books, so little time. So until next time......

Started reading Sign by Lou Rera

Okay, so I still have bookmarks for this book. But I thought I'd let you guys know what I personally think of the book. The book starts off with a good question that you tend to ask yourself. What do you do when you get a phone call from someone you know that is dead? That is how the book starts. A guy gets a call from someone he knows for sure is dead. He watched the guy die. Sadly that is as far as I got. Scary stuff going on. Anyways, if you want a bookmark, I have four to giveaway. Just message on one of the post mentioning a bookmark. If you don't want it one, just enjoy my most wonder rambling about a book that I'm reading. So until next time......

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Finished reading Origin

Okay so I am almost done with Origin and I think this is the best book so far in the series. Anyways a ton happens and if you hate spoilers, I suggest you don't read this post because I'm most likely going to reveal a lot. So let's begin. Daemon and Katy escape from the organization that was holding them captive. It was with the help of Archer and little Origins. Anyways they get reunited with everyone and all is dandy. Things are so grand that Daemon and Katy actually get married. It's not legal but they could care less. Then a bomb hits. Mathew betrays them. Didn't see it coming. So now they are on the run and things are just about to get serious. They have decided to expose themselves. And that is where I'm going to leave it. That would just ruin the book if I told you everything. You may start your riots now. So until next time........

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Halfway through Origin (Possible Spoilers)

There is a lot of holy crap moments in this book right now. One is that Katy and Daemon go face to face with an Origin. Okay so an Origin is apparently a child that is produced through a Luxen and a hybrid. They are very rare since a successful hybrid is rare itself. This knowlege also leads to the mean lady, named Nancy who I hope dies, telling Daemon and Katy their plan on why the reason their rooms are next to each other and connected with a bathroom that has no camera. Apparently they were hoping our two love birds would produce a child of their own while in confinement. Not the most romantic setting. Also the Origin actually started to act up the moment Daemon arrived at the base. So I'm thinking he has something to do with them. Which is pretty cool. Anyways, I also believe that since Archer is secretly also an Origin, he's working with Luc. Which means, these guys have a way out after getting what Luc wants. Hurray for the Origin. But I'm going to read more because Daemon is about to be forced to try to make more hybrids after he successfully healed Katy. How dare these people try to kill her in order to have Daemon heal her. These are some sick people Jennifer created. So until next time.....

Friday, December 19, 2014

Started reading Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Okay, so before I start talking about the book I'm currently reading. I have to say that I officially finished reading Rebound and my reaction to the ending was basically my wondering if that was it. Not cool Rosemary. You make the ending so good and then you leave me hanging. So not cool.

Anyways, lets get talking about the book I am currently reading. It's the fourth book in the Lux series. Who would of known? Also can I add that the model on the cover for Daemon is pretty hot? I mean, where do they find these cover models and can I have one for myself? But enough of me drooling over what I can't have. We are here to talk about Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Honestly I think this is my favorite series of all time. I'm sad that its almost over by the way. Anyways, in the last book Katy got captured. Did I forget to warn you that there were going to be spoilers in this post? Oops. Well there are spoilers in this post for all of you who hadn't read the book yet. Anyways, Katy doesn't know what to think while being captured. She is going by what she was told by friends and enemies. Two stories completely different from each other. Its crazy. You can see why she is highly confused. Then we have Daemon, which the book is also told through his point of view, who is storming through anything in his way to get to Katy. I mean he is willing to go to worlds end for Katy. It is actually kind of romantic in a way. Hard to believe I'm already 20% through the book. Its scary because that means it will end sooner. That makes me sad. But I have some family stuff to attend and I'll post as much as I can. Also as a reminder I have four bookmarks I'm willing to give to the first four people who demand to have one. It basically to help promote the book Sign by Lou Rera. I only need one and she gave me five. So until next time......

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Semi finished reading Rebound

Okay before I talk about Rebound, I'd like to say that my giveaway didn't do as well as I had hoped. Basically none of you participated. What am I going to do with all these bookmarks that are taking up my desk? So I decided that the first four people who tell me they want a bookmark, I'll give them one. Sound like a better deal? I hope it does because I only need one bookmark.

Okay with that over and done with lets get talking about Rebound. Honestly I'm not done but since everyone keeps taking the iPad away from me so I can't finish the book. I'm calling it quits and just telling you guys that I finished it. Plus I only have like twenty pages left any way. Not going to miss much. Well nothing that doesn't involve a sex scene or insecurities in a relationship that is going way too fast. Anyways, I started to like the book towards the end. In the beginning it wasn't that great. I think it was because is was like ever other romance book I read. Girl meets guy. Guy approaches girl. Guy takes complete control over the relationship. Girl explores her secret fantasies on guy. That is pretty much how it all goes. Sure its relate-able in a way,  but it is also boring. So this book gets three and a half stars from me, but on Goodreads, it would be four. Thats all I'm saying for now. Now I must fight to get the next book I'm going to read from my mom. She is dragging her feet on finishing the damn book. So until next time.....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Flash Giveaway!!!!!

Okay here's the thing. I recently got a new book in the mail. The book is called Sign by Lou Rera and she was nice enough to give me five bookmarks. Sadly I have more then I'll ever need so I'm giving away four of the bookmarks because honestly I only need one. So here is the deal. All you have to say is "I want one" and I'll randomly choose four lucky winners. I'll only have this up for 24 hours. Meaning that this will end at 2:25 pm central time. Sadly this giveaway is US only because I don't know how to do it internationally yet. I'm learning. But I'll give you all a look at the cover of the book. Look forward to hearing my thoughts about it when I'm done with the books I have. So good luck and until next time......

Finished reading Just For Now

I only have a few pages left of this book, which makes me kind of happy. Its not because I hat the book, so don't panic. I'm only glad because all of these recent deadlines are killing me. Its getting to the point that I just don't want to read anymore. Instead I just want to have a romance story of my own and curl up to the brown eyed cutie that has me hooked for five years. Anyways, you are here to read about my thoughts on this book. Well I'll tell you. I liked it. I can't say that I loved it, but it was good. Deff didn't hate it. Anyways, Amanda's brother did beat the crap out of Preston. Then Preston's secret got out. Making Amanda leave him. Finding out through your mother is not how the secret should of been revealed. But Preston gets a new job only to have life throw a curve ball at him. Luckly he has some awesome friends looking out for him. Now I'm not sure how these two are going to get back together because I haven't read that part yet. And if I did know, I don't think I'd tell you. That would just ruin the whole story. The only reason we read these books is because  we want to know how they end up back together after a major break up. Also the next book is apparently about Cage and Eva again. Not sure, that is just want I think I remember reading on Goodreads. Don't hold it against me if I'm wrong. But, I'm going to finish up this book and finally finish Rebound. Then its off to Orgin (part of the Lux Series). Expect spoilers for that one. So until next time.....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Still finishing up Rebound and halfway through Just For Now

Okay, sorry for my lack of writing. My family got a new iPad and I just had to play round with it. Its a new toy. Anyways, I didn't finish the book in my intended timeline, but I can say that I'm at least halfway through both books. Which is a good thing. Anyways, lets get talking about books. Only because that is the reason why you are here.

So Rebound is a little steamy. It is kind of interesting. Anyways, our leading lady stays with the good doctor. Feeds him and sleeps with him. He takes her home and then picks her up for work the next day. It doesn't stop her insecurities though. Especially when he is late picking her up from work. The story is that he got caught up in work. Sadly she doesn't really think it will work between them after that excuse, which is kind of stupid. But that is just the way the cookie crumbles. Anyways the book is still kind of predictable. And I'm going to leave it at that for now.

Up next we have Just for Now. Nothing like having the hots for a guy that runs hot and cold every time he is around you. But now things are getting a little more complicated. Only because they both give in to their desire and end up sleeping together. Wonder what Amanda is going to say to her semi-boyfriend Jason about this one. Also there is the fact that Preston is pretty much a prostitute. Wonder how that secret is going to come out. So until next time....

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finishing up Rebound

Thats right, I'm giving Rebound my full attention right now. I think its only fair since I've been neglecting it for the past week. But I will say that I had been skimming through it trying to motivate myself to read it. So a little reminder of what is all going on. That is one good thing about this book, you don't forget about anything you read. Anyways, our leading lady who's name I still can't remember because I'm horrible with name, goes to her doctor's appointment. This was due to the fact that she had some discomfort in her knee and wanted it looked at. So, she goes to her appointment and she is faced with a very attractive doctor that gets her all hot and bothered. Anyways, she leaves her appointment when its done and thinks she will never see the doctor ever again. But apparently he has a membership at the gym she works at and just so happens to see him there. It makes her job harder because she can't keep her eyes off of him. Sadly he then vanishes, making her think she'll never see him again. Only problem is that he magically appears when she was talking to her best friend and pretty much giving the doctor the wrong idea. I pretty much left off where she is getting ready for a night out with the girls because one of them just so happens to be getting married. So lets dive into this and wrap up talking about this book. I know you guys are dying to know what the hell is going one. But as if fate would want them together again and had him out at the club where our leading lady was with her friends. Honestly this is all predictable, but you still can't help but wonder if they will actually get together or not. And with me being a huge sucker for romance, I'm of course going to continue reading. I think it has something to do with my need to have my own romance story one day. Its lame I know. Anyways, back to the book. So our leading is all at the club having a good time. Also her good doctor may be there, but she pretty much sees that he is there with someone else. No surprise to her since he was good looking. Anyways as the night continues on, our leading lady decided to embarrass the bride to be by giving her a lap dance. The result of that was her being dragged to the dance floor by the good doctor. He doesn't even say anything. Just drags her away from her friends like a man on a mission. Anyways, after a very heated dance session they end up going to the bar and have a little conversation. I guess its just to clear the air. The conversation ended with them almost leaving the club, but loyalty won out and our leading lady left him high and dry. Poor guy. But luckly for him, he was able to tend to her when she fell back and injured herself. Sadly she passed out as soon as he started to stitch her up. As much as I'd like to write more, but it feels like I've been writing for like ever. Just keep an eye out for part two of this post. I will finish this book, I promise. So until next time......

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finished reading You Were Mine and started reading Just For Now by Abbi Glines

I pretty much think Tripp is my favorite guy in the whole entire series. Just saying. A guy has huge brownie points with me if he can wait for the girl he loves for eight years. That takes major dedication there. Also its something I love. Anyways, it was pretty major what Tripp did to prove to Bethy that he was in it for life. I honestly didn't see it coming. Anyways, I loved the book as always. Abbi is a very talented author and I haven't been disappointed with any of her books.

So on that note, why not have my next book be another Abbi Glines book? I'm almost all caught up on this series which is pretty awesome. Also it makes me kind of sad. I'm already begging for more of the Rosemary Beach series, but sadly that book doesn't come out until April. Anyways, all I know about this book is that Marcus's sister has the hots for one of his friends. This is basically their love story. Honestly I'm already waiting for the part where Marcus finds out that his friend is messing around with his little sister. Possible fight scene? So until next time....

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reading You Were Mine

I don't care what Goodreads says, but I know I'm more then forty percent through the book. I'm like just past halfway. Its all lies I tell you. Anyways, I'm loving the book. Only because its so different from the others. It explains what happened between Bethy and Tripp before he ran off from home. Also it shows you how they are now and how much he still loves her. Thats true love right there people. He even tattooed the day he first realized that he loved her. It would of been more romantic if it was the day he first saw her that was tattooed on his arm. Anyways, I love it all the same. So if you do read this book and don't pay close attention the time differences might confuse you. Also I think its safe to say that these two do end up back together. But how? That will be the biggest question I'll be asking until I finish the book. But until then I have an editor to push to edit the book I wrote last month so I can send it in. Wish me luck guys. So until next time.....

Monday, December 8, 2014

Finished reading Maybe Someday and started reading You Were Mine by Abbi Glines

So I finished Maybe Someday and as much as I loved it. It still doesn't compare to Beautiful Disaster or Ugly Love. Don't get me wrong, I loved the book all the same. It just didn't tug at my heart strings like the other said books. Anyways, the whole entire time I'm reading, I'm waiting for everything to crash and burn. Honestly it didn't go down like I thought it would, which is good. I have been reading books that have been so predictable lately. Also it was so sweet on how Ridge was able to finally get Sydney to love him back. I want a guy to do that for me. Nothing like making a girl wish all guys were kind of like Ridge in a way. Way to go Colleen.
Anyways, off to the next book. Which I must say that I can't believe I got this book so fast. Didn't it like just come out on Tuesday? But I was able to get the book from the library on Thursday, which is pretty awesome. Because I can walk around and brag that I am the first one to read this book from the local library. My mom then reminds me that bad things happen to those who brag. So if anything bad happens to this book, I'll cry. Literally cry. Only because it still has that new book smell that I love so much and I'd feel terrible if I destroyed another library book. Books are our friends and need to be treated with the greatest respect. How else are we going to fall in love with countless guys six times a month? Can't do that in real life people, even though some of us think we can. Anyways, I'm excited to read this book. I love the series and I might even actually read the teaser in the back for the next book. Abbi Glines is pretty much up in the top five on my list of favorite authors. Honestly I think I've only read books from five different authors. If I read more, then that just makes me feel better. But I'm freezing right not, which kind of makes me want to curl up in bed and start reading this book. So until next time.....

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Halfway through Maybe Someday

Hey there. Late night blogging here. Seems like it is becoming quite a habit for me. Anyways I'm halfway through Maybe Someday and I think I just read the greatest line in the whole book. Its more like a paragraph, but its still the best thing I've read in the book. It might actually be one of my most favorite lines ever.

"I'm so thankful that she appears to have more willpower than I do, because whenever I'm around her, I've never felt so weak." - Ridge

Yeah, that's right. I went as far as to share it that I love it so much. But this also takes place after they do a little slip in their attraction for each other and he ends up kissing Sydney. The guy is falling in love with her, but he knows that he can't because he already has a girlfriend. I thought Ugly Love was amazing, but I think this book just might be better. I don't even know any more. I think Colleen's goal is to have every reader addicted to her stuff by making her books so good that nothing else can compare. Well played Colleen, well played. But I'm going to try to finish this awesome book before I post about it again. Also I have to tend to a now cracked computer because I was stupid enough to knock it down. In my defense I did not know that the charger was wrapped around my foot. At least I was able to last over a year before I dropped the thing. So until next time.....

Friday, December 5, 2014

Reading Maybe Someday

Okay, I'm pretty sure I'm already falling in love with this book. I'm not even a quarter of the way and I'm already hooked. I was pretty sure I was hooked after the full conversation between Ridge and Sydney. Its like you know that they are going to end up together, you just didn't know how. Sadly Ridge already has a girlfriend when they first start talking to each other. But that doesn't stop the guy from being nice to Sydney and trying to make her smile after her break up with her two year boyfriend. He also gave her a place to stay when she needed it. The guy is so sweet. Even when his only communication is through texting because he can't hear anything. Also Sydney pretty much fits into her new home with ease. She was willing to join in on all of the pranking fun. This is the kind of house hold I'd like to live with. But no pranking that ends up with someone in the hospital or arrested. Anyways, I'm most likely going to read like eight chapters before bed tonight because I want to know how these two get together. Its driving me nuts.

Also I read a little bit more of Rebound. Figured I would share with what I got so far because I'm nice like that and I have a feeling I'm not going to finish this book on time. Might as well give you guys and the author something to read on my thoughts if I don't finish it. But you all probably figured that I'm pretty much forcing myself to read this book. Don't get me wrong, its a good book. I just don't have the motivation to read it. I'm kind of dying to finish reading Maybe Someday and then start Just For Now by Abbi Glines. You can say that I'm on a library kick right now. Anyways, back to the book. Our leading lady, who's name I can't seem to remember for the life of me, has lost sight of her dream man who she is calling Mr. Dashing. Anyways, she does a fitness class and an old friend visits her after the class is done. They then start to get a talking. Sadly the conversation makes her feel kind of left out and ready to be on the prowl at one of her friend's bachelorette party. That is about it I'm sad to say. I'm trying. Honestly, I'm really trying to read this book, but it just isn't doing it for me. So until next time.....

How Much Do You Love Me? by Paul Mark Tag

You know my mom was awesome enough to take over reading this book for me. Which is highly appreciated. She noticed that my work load was pretty big and decided to help out. Also I just couldn't make myself read it. I tried something new and it didn't quite work out for me. Thanks Mom anyways for reading for me. Anyways this is what she had to say about the book:

"I had a hard time motivating myself to sit and read this book. I would like to say it was very predictable in a way and now I will give you a spoiler. The story dealt with Pearl Harbor and the American-Japanese War Camps. The story also revolves around twin Japanese girls and one was married to a white civilian and the other twin met and was engaged to another Japanese War Camp inmate.
"The one twin that was married and pregnant, but here is the spoiler, she died and of course the baby lives. Her twin sister gave up being engaged and took her sister's life. Talk about loving your sister so much-to give up your own life and living your twin's married life. Now, I don't know I could ever do that-Will you be willing to do it?"

So my mom didn't tell me whether she liked the book, but I guess you can determine that yourself. I think she mentioned that it was good, just really predictable. But thanks to my mom for helping me out. I may have forced her to do it by saying that she could read Origin, the fourth book in the Lux series. Or at least I think its the fourth book. But either way it helped me out a lot. Anyways, I'm going to read a little more out of Rebound for you guys. I know you are just on the edge of your seats waiting for another post on that book. So until next time...

Finished reading One More Chance and started reading Maybe Someday

You know its a good book when you can finish it in a day. Also it made me cry. Another sign that the book was good. Anyways, I'm happy how Grant and Harlow's relationship worked out. Also most likely not planning on having a repeat on what happened in the story. I think Grant would have  a heart attack if it happened again. Poor guy. Anyways, the book was good just like all the other and I just found out that I have You Were Mine waiting for me at the library. Didn't that book just come out? Either way I'm actually happy that I don't have to wait long to read that book. Not like I had to do with this one. Thank God. Anyways, I'd tell you all of the stuff that happens with Grant and Harlow, but that would just ruin the surprise. All I have to say that she is one stubborn woman to go through what she did.
So with that book over and done with I quickly picked up Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. I'm hearing great things about this book and I'm actually really excited to finally get the chance to read this book. Also once again I don't know what the book is about. I think I just made it a habit to just pick up a book and read it. Go into it with out reading the back or what its about. I think you tend to embrace the book more that way because it is all just so new to you. So no one tell me what this book is about. I want to find out on my own. I only read the first page and it already seems interesting.

I also know what you guys are thinking, what happened to Rebound? And I will admit, I have not read the book one bit since the last post. Oops. But I did leave some notes for myself for the next post. Basically it was a rough draft of the post I was going to put up when I finished the book, so why don't I just write out what I had written already. That way you guys are wondering what the hell is going on. So after gossiping with her best friend slash co-worker, our leading lady just so happens to see the main subject of her conversation at the front desk. Honestly its kind of predictable. The movie moment ended when one of her clients went up to her and they had to discuss something in her office. When that was over he was gone. No longer to be seen, or was he?

So that is about it for now. Three awesome books. Or, so I've been told. I can only speak for one. But this should keep you guys entertained while I read some more. Also I have some reading to do for my best friend with a book she wrote for NaNoWriMo. I sent her a copy of mine just to be fair. I'm kind of curious what she would say. So until next time.....

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Started reading One More Chance by Abbi Glines

Okay, sadly I didn't finished reading Breakable. So I had to return the book and request it back. Sad face. But my sadness is short lived because I finally got One More Chance by Abbi Glines. I know this book came out like three months ago, but I don't care. It was that long of a wait at the library because its the only way I'm able to get books around here. Anyways, I'm curious on how Grant and Harlow are going to get through this new turn in their romance. I'm also wondering if Grant will accept Harlow's choice in things. Honestly these guys are just making it harder then it really should be. But I guess some people tend to do that and that is why this series does so well. For its realistic situations. Loves it. So until next time......

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Finished reading Breakable

Technically I'm not done with the book, but since its pretty much like Easy I feel like I don't have much to explain. I love the book all the same though. I just hope that I will be able to finish the book before I have to take it back to the library. If I don't, I'll be highly sad. Anyways, its a good book. Most likely be asking to get it for Christmas because my fam celebrates that kind of thing. So now that this book is done, I have two more books I have to finish by next week. Yikes. Luckly one is almost done. I'm going to head out now and get cracking on all of this reading I held off for the month of November. Worse idea ever by the way. But it was worth is for NaNoWriMo. So go read this book. If you hadn't read Easy, go read that first. Just read both books. So until next time......

Monday, December 1, 2014

Reading Rebound and reading Breakable

Okay, so lets get a talking about this wonderful book that I got for free. I have only read chapter one, but I will tell you that our main character is a divorced woman who works in a gym. She is having some hip problems and went to see a doctor. Who she ends up being highly attracted to might I add. And that is about as far as I go. Sorry. Having a book on my computer tends to get a little distracting because all I want to do is play games and not read. I'm a horrible reader.

Anyways, I also figured I would give you an update on Breakable as well. I finally got to the part where Jackie meets Lucas in Easy. Of course this is through his point of view. So seeing what he was thinking when they exchanged emails about tutoring is quite interesting. Also I will add that he did have the ethical reason to come clean and tell her that he was both the guy who saved her and the class tutor. Does he do it? Of course not. He rather just go with the flow and have her think something completely different. Only because he has the hots for the girl. But I'm so waiting on being reminded on how he asks her out and all that jazz. So I might not write anymore about this book until I'm actually done with it. So until next time....