Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Started reading Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz & Michael Johnston

Honestly I forgot that I even won this book in a contest, but it arrived in the mail just recently. So I figured I'd check it out right away because the other book I'm reading isn't going anywhere. But my first impression of the book was the fact that the cover was really cool. In the sunlight it did this rainbow shine effect, making it look the Northern Lights. I was highly entertained by that for a least twenty minutes. I'm such a simple mind. But I first read it out loud to my mom while waiting in the car with her when we picked up my younger adopted siblings. Lesson learned on that one. We can never take anything seriously when we are together. Especially a book. Anyways, with the first few pages I read, the book felt like it was repeating a lot. Well at least in the very beginning. Also the layout of the book is a little confusing. I say this because it seems to be in parts. Also it switches between two different characters every new chapter. But I do get the setting of the story. It seems like its in the future and that maybe the volcano in Yellow Stone erupted because half of the world is in ruin and froze over. I say this because scientists say that if Yellow Stone erupted, half of the USA would be destroyed and the ash cloud would cover the sky completely, creating the new ice age. But there is one question that rises with this book. Why is is so bad to have blue eyes? Like what happened that made those people so different? If this was our world today, I'd be dead. Or, hunted down. Thats kind of scary to think about. Anyways, that is all I have to say about the book right now. I'm sure there will be a lot to talk about when I get halfway. I wonder what this book has in store for me that had all the big time reviewers praising it. So until next time......

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Started reading Mind Game by Christine Feehan

I could of sworn that I did a review on here for the first book in the series. As usual I am wrong once again. Anyways, this is a second book in a series that I read a while back. I am not quite sure what the first book was about but I have a general idea. Like the fact there is this group of men that worked for the government and they took part of this one project that involved them getting physic powers. Eventually they escape because they don't want to be a part of it anymore. The captain or leader of the group falls in love with a doctor that worked at the place they were being held. Then they find out that the doctor, Lilly, was actually adopted and went through the same project that the group of guys did. So now they all live together hunting down others like them that was in this project. Which leads to this book. Right now they are studying a woman named Dahlia's videos from when she was part of the project. They are only doing this so they can understand her more before going to her and helping her control her powers. And since this is a romance novel in a way, one of the guys in the group is going to fall in love with our soon to be leading lady. I already know who because for once I read the back of the book. Now its all about how they fall in love. So until next time.....

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Hey fellow bookworms,

I haven't quite started reading my next book. Not because I didn't pick it up from the library, because I did that. The reason is because I haven't touched Divergent since my last post about it. Why? Because curiosity got the better of me and I checked out a game that my little brothers play. Probably not going to do it as much as they do it because video games get boring after awhile. But I do plan on wrapping up the book tonight and start the next read by tomorrow morning.

Anyways, I also found my camera. Or, I should say that my mom found it. She is so good at finding things. Either way, I can finally do those video I wanted to do for this blog. Now I just have to figure out how to do it before actually doing it. That would probably be the best idea, right?

Also I got rid of my My Writing page. Why? Because I had too many pages and I needed to cut down. Also I felt like that if I kept it up any longer, someone would come along and try to steal the idea. I am not saying you guys would be that mean, but I also know it does happen. I rather be safe then sorry when it comes to my writing.  But I do plan on posting up what I wrote as proposals to publishing companies. That way you guys will know what the book is about, but not actually read the book. Right now I'm trying to write one and admitted defeat on not entering a contest. I know that there are many more contests out there and I just need time to get the creative juices flowing again.

But that should be all for now. If you have any questions you want to ask me or any book recommendations, you can email me at You can also send suggestions on making this blog better.

So until next time......

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Almost done reading Divergent

Okay, about after halfway through the book it is nothing like the movie. Or, should I say the movie is nothing like the book. Sure there were key points that were included in the movie, but its still completely different. Either way, both versions defiantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. Anyways, I'm almost done with the book. I only have a few pages left and I can't tell you how it ends because that would ruin the book. Also I'm pretty sure everyone has read the whole series by now. But finishing this book means that I can buy the second book when I get my fifty dollar budget for the bookstore. Anyways, I'm so happy that the movie didn't ruin the book for me. Unlike some that shall not be named. Only because they aren't important and I didn't actually read the whole entire book. But I strongly suggest you go read the book if you haven't already. Its not the best book I've ever read, but its pretty good. I'm more of a romance kind of person, but its nice to grab something that isn't in my usual genre or age group. So until next time.....

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Reading Divergent

Hello my fellow bookworms,

I am about halfway through Divergent and I still haven't made the much needed trip to the library. I should really get on that. Anyways, I am spotting a lot of differences in the book from the movie so far. And I honestly thought the book wasn't going to be all that good after watching the movie first. I have been wrong before, so it is not a surprise that I'm wrong this time once again. Anyways, the book starts like how it does in the movie. But after that it gets different. If I remember correctly, there was no walking around a school, or taking a bus. I don't even think our leading lady faces a factionless on the way home after taking her test. Even the character Eric is different from the movie. Honestly the book just makes me hate the guy more. Anyways there a lot of differences between the two. And honestly I wish that Hollywood would get these movies as close to the book as possible. I us bookworms would really pay top dollar to see the entire book played out in real life with every detail that the book had. I only say this, because I know I would. Anyways, I'm at the part where they are at stage two for initiation. And might I add that even that is different? Shocking. So far the book is pretty good. Really wish the movie was just like it, but I guess we can't have things go our way. But I'm going to head out right now. I have things to do in order to be able to get the rights to buy another CD or book. We have a jar where I get to pick out a prize after accomplishing something big. Like cleaning my baby sister's room. That kid is a hoarder in the making, believe it or not. So until next time.......

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Started reading Divergent by Veronica Roth

So my books aren't in at that library yet. Kind of sad really, but what do you expect with a state that can't decide if it wants to rain or snow. Anyways, I decided to read a book that pretty much everyone has read, expect me. I know that there is like three movies out on the series and here I am never have read the books. I've seen the movies, which honestly is a big mistake. Because the book gets boring after seeing the movie first. Sometimes seeing the movie just ruins the thrill of the book. Anyways, I figured I'd read this book while I wait for my books to come in. I do have another library book in my back pack, but I can't read it because its a follow up series to another series that I just started. So to keep me from being confused on that book, I figured I'd just return it until the other series is done. Anyways, I don't have high expectations for this book that I'm now reading. Only because I saw the movie first. I bought the book thinking that I had time to read it before seeing the movie, but that never happened. I honestly have too many books that I have to read that it is extremely sad. It borderlines tragic. And yet I still buy more books. But I'm going to go read now. So until next time.......

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Coming to an end with Born of Betrayal

Twice in the past two chapters Sherrilyn Kenyon gave me a heart attack. Twice. Why you got to make me think you are killing everyone? I know its during a war and what not, but why you got to be killing people? Especially all of the main characters of the series? Not cool. Anyways, things are getting really intense in the book now. War is at it fullest right now. Places that hold loved ones are being destroyed. An unexpected friend surfaces. Well, I wouldn't call him a friend. But that is besides the point. But all of this happens after a very happy time. Seems like things were going to be okay and that everyone was going to be happy. And then assassins are taken out before they could do their job, a royal palace that was holding everyone's loved ones gets blown up, and the orphanage at the Travali base gets blown up. Lots of tears get shed and maybe some relief as well. But the book is getting so good that I'm to the point that I can't put it down. Also this is most likely going to be my last post on the book. Only because I don't want to ruin anything. I know I suck. But go check out the book if you haven't yet. Also if you haven't even read the series or even started, I suggest you go do that. You will not be disappointed. Sherrilyn gets two thumbs up from me and that isn't just because she is one of my favorite writers. So until next time.......

Monday, January 11, 2016

Halfway through Born of Betrayal

Before I even talk about the book, I'd like to say that I'm not going to Kcon. My mother refuses to budge on giving me money to go see Got7. It makes me highly sad. Anyways, my sadness was short lived due to the fact that B.A.P. is coming to the US. I'd chose them over Kcon any day. But enough of talking about my Kpop obsession. Lets talk about the real reason you are here, Born of Betrayal. I have no idea what I told you the last time, but I guess if I repeat myself, you all will tell me. Right? So we all know that Fain has a son by this point in the book. They are all at the Travali base and ran into a few problems. But the biggest problem they have to face is the fact that there is a traitor among them. Some one is giving out information that shouldn't be leaked. Even though it should be a happy time because Fain is finally being accepted into the family he had abandoned, it can't be when he is now fearing their lives. Not only with the traitor among them, but also Fain is a walking time bomb. Literally. If he pisses off the wrong person, Boom! Poor guy. All he ever wanted was to be accepted. Sorry that I couldn't write more. I have to head to bed because I have a lot to do tomorrow before work. So until next time...

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reading Born of Betrayal

I'm breaking down this book in four parts. Why? Because so much happens that I have to update you guys ever quarter of the book. You all know how much I love this series. You also know that I've been waiting to read this book because for some reason Fain is like my all time fave character. Not sure why. But anyways, things happen quick. Since I last told you about my starting of the book, Fain has figured out all on his own that he has a son. That scene is a little funny. Also you find out why Fain called off his pledge and how he regrets it dearly. Also the people Fain is now apart of are not very welcoming to their guest and likes to harass them. The whole situation rubs him the wrong way. But on the bright side, he has a chance to make things right. Wonder who he is going to do that. So until next time......

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Almost done reading Broken Juliet

Hey fellow bookworms,

So I'm almost done with this book. It actually took me longer then I expected but that is because I'm getting old and can't stay up past nine on my days off. Its sad really. Anyways, I have about ten to fifteen percent left of the book. I could do a happy dance, but I won't because I really enjoyed it. I loved the story line and everything. Especially the drama between the two main characters. Also I was able to learn a lot about Holt and his past. Some of it was just reminders for me that were in the first book. But what makes me excited is that there is in fact a third book. Not sure what it is all going to be about, but I'm highly looking forward to it. I wish I could tell you guys a lot about the book, but that would just ruin all the fun. I will say that you learn the real reason Holt and Cassie broke up in the first place. Yes I'm calling the leading man by his last name. Why? That even is beyond my own comprehension. Maybe because our leading lady likes to refer to him by his last name from time to time. Anyways, the book gets really good towards the end when Cassie relizes that she needs help as much as Holt did. Nothing like having your first and only love completely destroy you to the point that you are so beyond damaged that you can't look at another man the same again. Much less the supposed love of your life. Leave it to the author to write a realistic situation that I'm sure we all went through once upon a time. I know I did, only to learn the guy wasn't actually the love of my life. But I did find it in the world of my heart break. But I'm going to go officially finish the book. Look forward to my posts on Born of Fury coming up.

So until next time......

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A third of the way through Broken Juliet

I need a break from reading. I have been doing it none stop for the past four hours. Okay I may have had a break somewhere in there, but that was to eat. I would really hate to get food on my book or any book. But I'm making good progress on the book. Really I want to read Born of Fury, but since I started this one first. Figured I would finish it. Anyways, I'm going through the first break up scene in the book. Honestly how Holt did it was kind of low. No decent guy would sleep with a girl and then dump her the morning after. If I had sons and they did that, I would give the a good butt beating. No lady should be treated like that. And there I go acting as if the book is reality again. Anyways, our two main characters are currently trying to deny the fact that they are highly attracted to each other. Like so much that they can't be in the same room as each other. Its to the point that I want to tell Holt to suck it up and just give in. But the boy has issues that he doesn't even try to solve until he almost dies three years after they graduate. Did I just do a spoiler? So until next time.....

Reading At Any Price

I didn't forget about this book. The only reason I haven't really read it lately is because they stole the Ipad from me again. I really need to get my own or a Kindle or something like that. That way I can read all of my ebooks and not have to worry about anyone stealing my reading time. My family is mean sometimes. Anyways, the book is pretty good from what I read. I'm only a third of the way and I'm only writing this post because I feel bad. Anyways, our leading lady sold her body for selfish and selfless reasons. There is something that happened in her past though that is going to probably affect everything. Also I just know that she is going to fall madly in love with the guy and she is going to fight it. But right now they are in a different country, ready to go through doing the dirty deed. Only because our leading lady doesn't want to make a big deal out of loosing her virginity. But already she is getting panic attacks and they hadn't even started. So until next time.....

Started reading Born of Betrayal by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I couldn't wait anymore. Its been sitting on the table calling my name, so I had to pick it up. Who the hell cares that I'm already reading two other books? I've been waiting for like ever to read this book. I love this series. I know I'm a few books behind in the series, but that is not by choice. Anyways, I'm pretty far in already because I can't put it down. Nothing like reading about former lovers being forced back together. And I'm wondering when Fain is going to find out that who he thinks is his ex-fiance's lover is actually his son. The poor woman really needs to stop making him think the worse and just tell him before he ends up killing his own kid. But then that wouldn't make a good story. So until next time......