Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reading Savage Awakening

I can already tell that this is going to be a pretty good romance, Bookies.

Three chapters in and it's already getting interesting. I like books that are like that. They don't mess around and get straight to the action. I have to admit that some books start off like that and then once you get to the middle, you are falling asleep from the slow boredom the book is giving you. You just never really know about a book until you actually read it. Anyways, I have high hopes for this lovely book. And I have to admit that I did read the back a little. I had to, it was taunting me. Anyways, we are going to have a broken man on our hands that need mending. Too bad I'm only three chapters in so I can't tell you much. Maybe next post.

So until next time...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

started reading Savage Awakening by J.D. Tyler

Morning or evening my wonderful Bookies,

Don't mind me since all I'm doing in eating mac & cheese while starting a new book as I sit across the table from my baby sister. It's so good to be home. Especially after a boring night at work. Anyways, I just read the first page of the book and it reminded me right away what the first book was all about besides the leader of their pack finding his mate. Like the fact at the very end of the first book one of the pack members get caught by the enemy and that is what this book is about. I love it when books take off right where the last one left off. It keeps the story line going.

So until next time.....

Almost done reading Early To Death, Early To Rise

I'm at a pretty tense part Bookies. I'm literally at the edge of my seat as Madison tries to save the day. Things for her get difficult when the light timekeepers put a guardian angel on her marked soul. They guy is pretty much pure evil, and the idiots want to protect him. I can see why Madison gets really angry with them. If they just took the time to pay attention to the visions they get when they look forward, everyone would be happy. Madison can get rid of those that aren't sorry for their actions while the light timekeepers can save those that can change. But I will have to agree with Madison here. They messed up big time here. Now she has to fix the mess they made and save lives. Will she pull it off? Or, will she fail and prove that people can't change? Sadly you will have to read the book to find out.

So until next time......

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reading Early To Death, Early to Rise

Hey there Bookies,

I am happy to say that I do in fact have a quick read in my hands. Which kind of makes me happy. I might actually be done with this book by tomorrow if I keep up the pace.

Anyways the book is about our leading lady taking on her new role in her afterlife. She is what you would call a Timekeeper. I'm sure the first book explained what the hell that is, but I'm guessing that she has the ability to see the future and is given a chance to change it before its too late. Which before she became a timekeeper, the way of changing the timeline before catastrophe hits was to kill the person who was going to put it into place. Now Madison believes that the person can change by choice, that way they don't have to die. Only problem is she has to prove that it is possible by finding her latest marked soul before he kills hundreds of people. Talk about major pressure. Of course it doesn't make it easier when the two people who are supposed to be helping her can't get along. Kind of makes you want to read just to see if she will succeed.

So until next time.......

Monday, September 26, 2016

Started reading Early To Death, Early To Rise by Kim Harrison

I have to admit Bookies that this was not the cover I was expecting to get when I picked up the book from the library. But can I just say that the model for this cover is super pretty? It kind of makes me jealous. Anyways, this is a young adult book that I'm hoping is going to be a quick read for me because I have a stack of four books to read. Maybe five or six because I got some books through some giveaways that I have to read. Yikes. So much to read, so little time.

Anyways, first impression on the book is that I remember absolutely nothing from the first book. You can see that I'm starting out wonderfully with this book already. Not. I just cracked open the book and am ready to start this adventure. Hopefully the book will remind me on what the first book is about. At least with the prologue I got some sense on what the series is about. Like the fact that our leading lady did in fact die, but she only lives because she stole an amulet from the person who tried to kill her. Now she is in charge of protecting man kind from those who are trying to steal their souls. I guess I was right in a way when I explained that I was going to be reading this book. I deserve a high five.

So until next time......

Let's get personal #4 continued

I have thought of a nothing personal subject. It came to me when I went to bed after a long night at work. For all of those who don't know, I love the kpop band BAP. They are like the same level as All Time Low, which is pretty high since All Time Low is like my second favorite band. Making BAP second as well because I can't like one more than the other. But the reason for this post with this particular band is that I have a thing called a bias list. It's a list where you pretty much rank your favorite members from your most favorite being one and your least favorite being the last number possible in the band. In BAP's case, the last number would be six. So my list changes from time to time, but nothing really drastic until the beginning of this year. My former list for 2015 was:

1.) Kim Himchan
2.) Zelo
3.) Yoo Youngjae
4.) Jung Daehyun
5.) Moon Jongup
6.) Bang Yongguk

But recently that list has changed in the new year and it's been causing me some problems. Only because someone decided that he was going to be cute in the new year. I will give you a little hint on who that person could be. How about I just show you a random picture I found online.
Right there. Mr. number four wasn't a good enough spot. So, he has decided that becoming my bias wrecker his main job. Mr. Jung Daehyun is so cute that he is trying to make me forget all about my Himchan. Also meeting this cutie doesn't help. I'm doomed because he is cuter in person. I curse him. Can't say I hate him because I can't hate Daehyun. Only because he is so cute. Like, look at how cute he is. I can't even look away from the picture that he is so cute. He is even cuter then Himchan, and that is saying a lot. Because Himchan is so handsome that he's gorgeous. Himchan like borders perfection. But this damn cutie won't let me love Himchan in peace. Like I said before, I curse Jung Daehyun for being so cute.

AFI needs to come out with a new album so I can get a break from my heart nearly exploding from all the cuteness. Only because Daehyun is getting cuter by the minute. It took me a while to admit my attraction to him. But I will not give in to my lust for Himchan is my number one in BAP and will always be. Even if he wasn't number one to begin with. Sorry Himchan.

Okay, I'm done with my rant for now.

So until next time......

Waiting for books...#2

After going through my stack of books from the library, I have time to sit back and be bored out of my mind. My next set of books probably won't be in until tomorrow. God, I hope not. I need something to do at work and World of Warcraft can only entertain me for so long. Anyways, I thought I'd let my wonderful Bookies know what is come up. Maybe you can help me decide what book to read next. So here it is, the list of my upcoming books. Once again I don't really read what the book is about so I can't tell you what to expect in the book ahead of time. I like to keep the mystery in the reading and discovering things at the story unfolds. Anyways, to the list.

First up is Early to Death, Early to Rise by Kim Harrison. This book is the second in the Madison Avery series. From what I can remember from reading the first book, it's about a girl that died and is now working to keep the balance in the world. I could be highly wrong because it's been like a year since I read the first book.  But I will say that she looks very elegant on the cover of this book.

Second, book is Gabriel's Redemption by Sylvain Reynard. This book is the final installment in the Gabriel's Inferno series. This series is about star-crossed lovers of a college professor and one of his students. They have some history together since their families are close friends. The whole feel of the story is the fact that he specializes in Dante and his life. The student had a crush on him for as long as she could remember, making her study Dante as well. In the second book of the series, their secrets get revealed and now they have to build back up after having everything torn from them. So, I'm kind of curious on how this book is going to play out because there can't be anything else going against them to tear them apart. But I could be wrong.

Let's first admire the hot bod on the cover of this book. If only he didn't have long hair though. Why does every romance book have to have a guy with long fricken hair. I can't date a guy who has longer hair then me. That is just wrong. Anyways, let's get talking about the book. My last book that I have in the waiting is Savage Awakening by J.D. Tyler. This book is the second book in the Alpha series. A series about shape shifting Navy SEALs that are in charge of hunting down the supernatural and protecting the human race. The first book in the series is the leader of the group finding his mate and now its time to see who's turn it is. If only I remembered who the names were for all of the pack.

So until next time........

Almost done reading Dark Bites

Hey there Bookies,

I'm getting close to wrapping up the book, which means no more posts on this book after this. I know you are so sad to see it go and I still have like four stories left to share. Meaning you have to get the book to see what those stories are about. Sorry.

Anyways, I read about three stories since the last time I posted. The first one is about Dracula's daughter and how she had this whole misunderstanding along with her husband. They try to hate each other, but can't help to feel the love for the other. It takes them almost dying to finally give in to their feelings. The next story is similar to one of the earlier stories I read in the series, but I can't remember the title of the book. Maybe one of you can refresh my memory. But the story has the squire fall in love with the dark hunter they are in charge with. Really wish I could remember the story it reminds me of. The last story and the one I just wrapped up is about Fury and how he found his long lost mate. They weren't mated yet, only due to the lies she was told about his kind. Another story about misunderstanding and only believing what you want to believe. But I have to be honest here, I'm actually glad that I'm almost done with this book. Nothing against the book, I enjoy the little stories that explain certain things that have been going on in the series. It answers some of those unanswered questions. But I'm ready to dive back into the series and just have the whole book focused on one person instead of many. Maybe this is why I avoid short story books.

So until next time.....

Let's get Personal #4

I almost forgot to do this post again. I really need to stop doing that. Maybe I should write it down or something. Anyways, nothing new has been going on and I don't really have anything deep to talk about. Probably because all my thoughts have been on the latest story I've been writing. It turns out that it was chosen to be put into a contest. Sadly it's not done and doesn't have enough words. So all my time has been on that. I've been struggling with some areas to have it make more sense, but I guess I'm just not a good enough writer. Sorry, the post isn't longer, but I'll try to make a more meaningful one next week. Also, I'm starting to do videos now. Well, I got all the programs needed to make videos. Now I just have to record. Let's see how this goes. So until next time......

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reading Dark Bites part 2

Hello Bookies,

I'm two more short stories into the book and about halfway through. I'm starting to think that there is going to be at least two stories for each quarter of the book. But for now, I will give you a little input on the two stories I had just read. The first one is about a were-panther who was taken from her home and is on the run from the enemy. And, while she is out looking for help to return home, she just so happens so find her mate. Didn't like it at first, but ends up accepting it and lives happily ever after. Read the book to get a more detailed story. The next story was pretty short. It's about a young dark hunter during Christmas. I say young because he has only been a dark hunter for a little over a hundred years. Like he still has direct descendants still alive. He even runs into his great granddaughter and gets consumed by loneliness. It takes out favorite demon Simi to lift his spirits for the holidays and realize that he has a new family. Once again read the book to get a detailed story. That is pretty much about it. Sorry for not making a longer post. Maybe next time.

So until next time........

Let's get personal #3

Yes, I'm a little late on the post, but that was because I was sick. But I'm all better now and playing catch up. I figured today's post would be based on my hopes and dreams. Only because I have so many to still accomplish and they say writing them down is the best motivation to get started on acheiveing them. So lets begin with the list, shall we?

1.) Going to Paris, France.
Its a childhood dream of me. Just like going to New York was one of them. But this one would have so much more meaning to me because I want to see all the art the city has to offer. Sure its the city of love, but the only romantic thing I dream about that involves Paris is getting proposed to under the eiffle tower. It would be nice, but it's not nessasary. What is nessasary is seeing the Mona Lisa in person along with other iconic pantings being on display there. And maybe travel the rest of Europe to see any other pieces of art that might not be at the art museum in Paris. Now that I think about it, is the Mona Lisa even at that museum?

2.)Performing on stage/in a movie.
This dream is a major impossiblity to me because I get major anxiety standing in a room full of people. And, to perform infront of them would have me completely paralyzed in fear. But I've always wanted to get over that fear and sing on stage. Maybe act in a movie. Something that would let me know that I got over my big hurdle and did the impossible. Sure I've sang for choir, but it's not the same to be up on stage by yourself. I couldn't even do a duet of two simple lines with out almost having a heart attack while in choir. But I do miss singing and I do want to take up acting. Maybe when I'm old and gray I'll finally get over my stage fright.

3.)Getting a book published.
This one isn't as far fetched as the first two, but its still a dream. To me, I feel like I'm not a good enough writer to get recgonized by publishing companies. So getting a book published would be amazing. Now if only I could complete a book enough to actually hand it in to see if I get published. That would help as well.

4.)Living a comfortable life.
What I mean by a comfortable life is that I don't want to work manual labor anymore. No more being at work at a set time for a certain amount of time. I want to be able to work my own hours and not have to worry about whether or not I was going to have enough money to last me until next pay day. I want to be able to do the things I want to do and spend money without having to worry whether or not I'll run out before I needed it to. That is what I mean by comfortable.

5.)This one is a cheesy one, but I thought I'd put it on my short list. I want to get married and start a family. Maybe even have a home on the beach so I can watch the sunset every evening. This has always been a dream of mine and it will forever be the most important on my list. I could tell you the house I dream of having in complete detail down to the last rose bush. Everytime I write a story I think of the names I would name my kids along with the kinds of people I would want them to marry themselves. This is the dream I am really hoping to acheive in the next year or so. It would be nice to have.

That is about it for now on my list. I wish I could write more, but I'm too tired. But if you want to knwo more of my dreams, just send me a quick email or comment on this post. Also I'm curious on what your five dreams are from the top of your head. Do we share the same kind of dreams? Or, do you want to acheive something that everyone else thinks is impossible to acheive? Let me know.

So until next time.....

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reading Dark Bites

Hey there Bookies,

Sorry for not posting in what feels like forever. I got sick and have just been sleeping instead of reading. Also, I would read while I'm sick in bed, but my baby sister broke my lamp. And, how that could be considered as no big problem. It's a problem when your room is in the basement and hardly have any light. So that is on my long to-do list that seems to never get any shorter. At least I'm slowly getting better with my cold.

So here is the rundown on what is going on with this book. From what I've said before, this book is a whole much of short stories put together. The first story is the legend that was mentioned in Styxx and it's actually nice to see what actually went down that caused Bethany to be reborn and what not. Also, I was kind of curious on how Apollo tricked her into killing her lover, now I know. The cheating jerk. Anyways, it took me a while to figure out what was going on with the second short story. Basically, it's another one explaining the ways of being a dream god that has the law to not fall into love or feel any emotion whats so ever. But the story is interesting because it basically tells you that no matter how much you try to feel no emotion, there is always going to be that one person who makes you feel at least something. I think we have a theme here at this point in the book by the way. Just saying.

Sadly I'm only a quarter of the way through the book. Meaning that I only read two short stories. At least I have the motivation to finish the book, though. I just requested three more books from the library. Who knows when they will be in, but I'm pretty excited to see what books I have next on my list.

So until next time.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Started reading Dark Bites by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Yes, I know that its another Sherrilyn Kenyon book and you are most likely getting sick of the book by now. But I can't help but love her work. And since I'm being honest, I almost didn't get this book. I thought it was going to be one of those novellas that I tend to skip and miss a chunk of the series. But thank the lord that I did not or else I would be sad. I'm actually pretty excited to officially start this book. I usually go into this series without reading anything about the book. I like to keep the mystery alive when it comes to the dark hunters. From what I can see this book is going to have a lot of mini stories, meaning that I'm going to be done with this book pretty quick. I think. I guess it all depends how much I get pulled into the book. Don't you think it's time for me to crack open the cover and dive into the world of the dark hunters? Or, should I wrap up my last book first? Either way, I'll keep you posted on what is all going on. Maybe.

So until next time.......

Almost done reading Eden

Hello my Bookies,

I'm getting close to finishing the book. It feels like just yesterday that I was only halfway through the book. Now I only have a few pages left. Of course wouldn't you know that the book had to wait until the last few pages to pick things up. All starting with an exploding car. Also, there was the almost crashing the plane before it was able to arrive at its location. But I stopped reading when the all out war was about to begin. Sadly I can't tell you guys anymore because I want you to get the book and read it. This is a good series. I will have to admit that the last book wasn't as good as the first two, but I guess it is a good book to wrap up the whole series. Don't want you begging for more when there is nothing else to tell, right? So go support this amazing author by reading the series. I'm pretty sure the majority of the people who haven't read these books will highly enjoy them. I know I did but I'm off to read my next book.

So until next time......

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Reading Eden

Hey there Bookies,

I am about halfway through this book. Thank the lord. Of course, I'm not getting much work done right now due to a group of six young men doing a small competition on Instagram. I'm still recovering from the video Zelo posted. Can I say major disappointment? How dare he cut it off right at Himchan.

Anyways you aren't here for my fangirling. Unless it's for a good book. Like the one I'm reading. Sadly nothing is picking up. I'm almost halfway and nothing has really happened. Our two main characters got married and Jarred went through his trial. And, that is about it. Nothing really exciting yet. I know it's supposed to happen soon, but with the previous books, the action started right away. All I got is Ryan picking on Jared because he knows it gets on his nerves. Then you have Nina trying to learn how to defend herself without really hurting herself. And then you have Jared who knows that he has to travel to return the book of hell, but he is pretty much dragging his feet. Could he be possibly be going to the dark side and not even know it?

So until next time.....

Let's get personal #2

Hey there Bookies,

It's Let's Get Personal Sunday. I really don't know what to talk about for this post, to be honest. I'm pretty sure people would be talking about the terroritst attack that had happened on this day in 2001. But I don't want to talk about that tragady. Actually today has a different meaning to me. Today is the birthday of one of the most supportive people that I had in my life. My grandma Lois would have been about 72 or 73 today if she was still around.

I think its also one of the reason why I started writing again. I was really close to her and I took her passing really hard. Also it doesn't help that it was so unexpected. But she always pushed me to live my life to its full potential. And when she died, I made a promise saying that I would do what ever it took to live out my dreams.

With that promise, I went to school for Music Engineering. Met the love of my life. Picked up writing full force again. I even went to Baltimore twice. I also have more plans to travel out of the country, I'm actually working on getting my passport now. I'm learning new languages and hopefully going back to school to better my writing. Also I'm in the process of opening two business with one hopefully opening up next year.

My grandma has been such an insperation for me for the past few years. Especially when I go through such a hard time with my own personal issues that I really don't like talking about. Maybe I'll talk about it once in a future post. But anyways, just knowing that I'm making my grandma Lois proud in Heaven I have the motivation to do better with my life.

In her loving memory, I will continue to pursue my writing. See bands I never thought I'd see, even talk to them face to face. Like I did with some members of BAP. I swear my grandma was trying to be funny by torturing me with constantly throwing me in the path of Daehyun why we were there. Mean. Anyways, I will make sure to go to other places and even go to the countries I always wanted to go to, like Paris. Because I always dreamed of going to the art museum there and seeing the city. I also want to got back to New York and actually enjoy the city there. Currrently my mother and I are planning a trip to Korea to expose my little sister to an entirely different culture that what she is used to.

So I'm rambling too much that I got off topic. My grandma has always been a wonderful person. I have learned to tie my shoes in her presence. My favorite hard candy aka strawberry candy is the candy she always had in a bowl when I went to visit her. There is nothing but fond memories of her when I do remember her. There is also not a day that goes by that don't miss her. She has always been a huge part of my life and she will always continue to be a huge part. Every choice I make will result in me asking, "what would Grandma think about this?" and I want to live everyday to the point that I can write to her in my journal about my adventures.

Happy birthday Grandma. I miss you and I hope that I'm making you proud.

So until next time.......

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Started reading Eden by Jamie McGuire


This just makes me sad. I'm on the last book of the Providence series. I tried to stretch this out as much as I could, but the end has finally come.  I'm going to miss this series. No doubt about it. But I know that this book will not disappoint because Jamie McGuire still hasn't achieved that. I have loved every one of her books that I have read so far.

Anyways, let's get to the book and my first impressions.  The book starts off with our main character's wedding day. For some reason, I thought they were already married by now, but I do remember that in the second book they kept hounding her to set a date to get married. But I'm only one chapter in and things will get crazy good very soon. I just know it. I'm just curious on how this is all going to play out. According to the back, yes I read the back, their child is supposed to save them all. But that is all the book is hinting. Not cool book. Not cool at all.

So until next time.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Vampire Knight vol. 17 by Matsuri Hino

Hey there Bookies,

My nerdy side has come out to play because I got the next book to Vampire Knight. This is for all those graphic novel lovers out there.

For those who don't know or need a little refresher on the whole series, since I'm almost done with it now. Also, I don't think I ever explained what it is all about. So the story takes place at a school that consists of two class groups. One being the day class that is full of average human beings and the night class that is a whole bunch of vampire's pretending to be human. Both classes have to be separated for the safety of the students. To make sure this all runs smoothly because the day class is just infatuated by the mystery of the night class, there are two student body presidents that keep things in order. Or at least try to. These two students also have a bit of a dark past that ended up having them being adopted by the headmaster of this school. Anyways, things get pretty interesting by the sixth to tenth book. I can't really remember which one to be specific. But I highly suggest for everyone to read this series. It is so good.

Even if you don't read graphic novels, this one will make you a fan. I didn't like reading them at first either because of how the book is set up. Luckily for the first few books, the book itself tells you how to read it. But the whole series has a good plot line with a hint of romance. Only because our leading lady has two childhood sweethearts that she cares deeply about. One who was the one that saved her life from a rogue vampire, and the damaged little boy who witnessed his entire family of vampire hunters being murdered in front of his eyes. The whole series you are pretty much cheering on your favorite to be picked to have our leading lady fall in love with. I know I'm all for our vampire hunter spawn Zero. Don't ask me why I just like him more. But go check out the series. I'm not going to tell you what this book is about only because it's a quick read and you have to read the series in order to understand what I'm saying. So go check it out like right now.

So until next time.......

Finished reading Murder My Love

Hello Bookies,

The book slowly made sense halfway through the book. Not a whole lot of sense, but at least some. I got the feeling that our main character is an assassin by chance and he was going to be killed because of this fact. The people who killed his brother knew that he would want revenge after he found out about his brother's death, and wanted to eliminate him before he killed them all. Sadly he found out who was out for him and killed them all. Well, the last one was just pure instinct and he didn't really mean to kill them. If you read the book, you will find out why.

All in all the book is not something I would probably read again. Only because it's short and doesn't really reveal much. Maybe this is just a small piece to a bigger series, I don't know.  But it's still a good quick read if you need something in between books.

So until next time....

Murder My Love by Tad S. Torm

Hey there Bookies,

I meant to do this post sooner, but two things went wrong. My mom took my charger and I apparently knew about it but don't remember. Also knowing me that is most likely true because I don't pay much attention to the world around me when I'm reading. The second thing that went wrong that the moment I plugged my computer in, someone, being my grandfather, wanted to go on it because he had to play his facebook game. So I went to bed and figured I'd do the post when I got up. And here I am.

Now for any of you remember way back when I first started this, okay maybe not that far. Probably about a year ago, I tried to read this book. But things just got in the way and it went on a shelf, forgotten. But luckily I needed a book to read after finishing Born of Legend and this seemed like the best choice. When I first started the book I understood nothing of the book. I'm about halfway through right now and I still understand nothing. Like what the heck is going on. All I got so far is the main character thinks he is going to die because his brother got killed. He goes off to Paris after running into a pretty girl and then sleeping with her once they got to Paris. Then after sleeping with her he goes to find someone who has information he is looking for. That is about as far as I had gotten.

So I'm sitting here with the book in my head going, what the hell?  I'm so confused. Who the heck is our main character? What is his real occupation since he lied? He's only hinted on what it is but didn't flat out say it. Why does he think he is going to die? Is it because he knows something he shouldn't? So many questions and I don't think I'm going to be getting any answers. Maybe the author can clue me in on what I'm supposed to be seeing with this book. Maybe it will finally make more sense in the next half of the book.

So until next time.......

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Waiting for books...

The one thing I hate about finishing a book during a holiday and in the middle of the night, there is no way to get another book from the library. It would be so much easier once I open up my bookstore. I know a few people out there feel the same pain that I do when you need a book late at night and nothing is open. Can't wait until everything is all done and I open the bookstore and keep it open 24 hours. But that is all besides the point.

I'm not sure when they will be coming in, but I have requested two books from the library. I'm pretty sure I will get one by tomorrow. But I still have to find something to do until then. Sad face. But I'm going to go now. Figured I'd complain a little to you guys. Just to pass the time a bit. Sorry about that.

So until next time....

Monday, September 5, 2016

Almost done reading Born of Legend

Finally, I'm almost done with the book. Sorry Bookies, but this book took forever to read. Only because people don't know enough to leave me alone. At least I can say that I'm all caught up on the series now. But that is also the sad thing, I'm all caught up. And the next book doesn't come out until February of next year. I don't think I can wait that long. I love this series so much.

Also as I was reading this book, I realized that in the last one, Julien went missing. I'm pretty sure we get to find out what happened to him in this book. I feel like I don't have to tell you guys anything that is going on in the book because if you read all of the other books, this all plays into it but through Julien's point of view. Only because in the last book, Sherrilyn Kenyon threw a lot at us about Julien and had some explaining to do. Thanks for that Sherrilyn.

Anyways, from what I've seen in the list of this series on Goodreads, it looks like there is only one book left. Please let that not be true. I was kind of hoping that this series would last forever like the Dark Hunter series. What am I going to do once Sherrilyn finishes this series? I'm sure my mother will be happy because I pretty much spent over two hundred dollars on this series alone by getting all the books that were already out at once. Sorry mom. But please don't stop the series Sherrilyn. I was hoping to see this series go into the second generation like she did with Born of Ice. Fingers crossed that she continues and is just working on the proposals for the next few books.

So until next time.....

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lets get personal.....

Hey there Bookies,

I hope you don't mind me doing a little bit of rambling. I'm doing this because I was just reflecting on how far I have come in a constant struggle of trying to find who I really am. For all of those who don't know or haven't noticed, I have a huge passion for writing. Like it is the passion that gives me purpose everyday. But sadly it hasn't always been like that.

From a young age I had always loved writing and actually dreamed of it being my profession one day. But for as long as I could remember, I was always told what to write and what not to. It was like everyone wanted me to fit the mold of what was expected of my age group. Believe it or not, I was writing detailed stories in the third grade to the point that my ghost stories were too concerning and deserved calls from school because the teacher didn't think it was age appropriate to be writing such things at my age.

I could see why they would have a little bit of worry because its not normal for an eight year old to write a book that Stephen King should have written. My mom tried to tell them to just let it go, but it got to the point that even she started to agree with them. So after constantly being shot down for writing my way for stories through out the years, because even in fifth grade I had the same problem. I even toned that story down by creating a twist in the end. Anyways, I started to just hate writing.

I got sick and tired of being told what to do when it came to it. I lost my drive. My passion. Even reading was my worst enemy because those people were living the dream I always wanted. So I searched for a new passion, like volleyball but had to quit because of a dislocated knee. Then I discovered theater but got taken out of that because of a stupid rule that required me to be home right after school because my mother needed the help, as said so by my grandmother. Then I went with music.

Fought tooth and nail to get a degree in a feild that I thought could bring me happiness, but I still felt empty. Like something was missing. I knew what it was, but I was still too scared to pull myself back into the endless lines of words that come into writing. But at least in college I got back into reading. Slowly rediscovering myself. It took until just before my graduation before I opened up my old stories and finished them.

Then one day I figured that I had enough of what people think. But only because I remembered that out of all my constant struggles of being told that what I was writing was wrong, I had two teachers that said otherwise. Instead of telling me that writing horror stories wasn't the right thing for me, my Search for Identity teacher actually encouraged it by giving me pointers on how to make the story more appropriate for the assignment. He actually thought it was cool on how I was writing the story and saw some real talent there.

Same for my creative writing teacher. I only took that class because it was an easy English class and I needed the credits, if we are being honest here. I really struggled in that class because I felt like that no matter what I wrote, it would get shot down and told that I needed to stick to something that was more girly and happy. But my teacher gave me pointers on how to improve on my writing and complimented it after reading it out loud in class. Scared the daylights out of me because I can't talk in front of people, but it was the only way I was going to know for sure if what I wrote was okay.

Sadly it took me two more years to just say what the hell and write what I wanted anyways. What did it was a friend that told me something very encouraging words. Wish I could remember what he said, but he said a lot of things that inspired me. His words even helped me get through the tough times in college. Sad we don't talk anymore because life happened.

Anyways, the point is that I've come so far from hating writing to being on the road to making it my career. Whether its through my blog or my stories, I couldn't feel more complete. Also the reason I brought this up is because I had a conversation with my grandmother. Writing itsn't the only thing I'm being told what to do. My life is a constant never ending hell of being told what to do and being hated for what I do.

Most people would think that I exaturate or lie about my grandmother's behavior towards me, but I swear on my other grandmother's grave that it is all true. But I will have to save it for another time, because this would make the post way too long for any of us to appriciate. Maybe I'll make a 'Lets get Persanal Sunday' posts from now on. Anyways, back to the conversation between me and my grandmother. She was saying how it was her goal to mold me into the perfect housewife. I ended up telling her that I wasn't made to be a housewife. Her comeback resulted in saying that I can be anything I want to do. Which ended up with me saying how I wanted to be a sucessful business woman. She ended the conversation with how I'd never make it and me giving her a look like 'Do you hear yourself talking?'

Of course I made the mistake and told her about the contests I've been invited to and how I share my stories all over the internet in hopes that the publishing company I want will publish one of my books. Cough cough Random House please publish one of my books. Anyways she told me that if that ever happened all the other authors would just look at me like I don't belong. That I have to write something that really has to make an impact. Might I add that this woman has never read any of the stories I've written in years. The only book she read was one of my vampire books and she didn't get farther then the fourth paragraph because it didn't have enough organization. So hearing her say something that involves what I take pride in just to hurt me, kind of ticks me off. If only you guys could see the full exstant of our relationship.

Let me know if you want to read about that mess. Or any other topics that we have for "Lets get personal Sunday" because I'm pretty sure I'm going to make this a thing now that the blog is two years old. Deal?

So until next time.......