Monday, July 31, 2017

Started reading The Best Goodbye by Abbi Glines

Hey there Bookies,

How long has it been since I have read anything from the Rosemary Beach series? If I remember correctly, this is the second to last book. Of course, it would end with Nan finally finding the love she thinks she deserves. But she is the last one to find her forever soulmate. Everyone else is all happy and in love. But that is after this book and so far it is starting off pretty interesting. We have our leading lady who has traveled miles to be with the guy who she once was in love with. The only problem is that he doesn't remember her. He just sees her as a cute server that he hired for his restaurant. That is just the first few chapters. I have a feeling that I'm going to be highly entertained by this book. So far Abbi Glines hasn't disappointed me. I've got high expectations for her when it comes to reading any of her books.  I forgot to mention that our leading lady, Rose has a daughter as well. Not sure if she is Captian's daughter as well, but by how things are sounding, she just might be. Like I said before, this book is going to be interesting to read.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Manga post #1

Hello there Bookies,

I figured that instead of listing all of the manga that I was reading in the title, I thought it would be easier on all of us if I just said that it was a manga post. Then you guys can read up on what mangas I read recently. Sound good? So, why don't I start? Since it's the ones I have been reading recently.

Naruto Vol. 7 is starting to make me wonder how long this series actually is. I'm guessing that there is over a hundred volumes and I'm only on the seventh. This is going to take a while to finish. I just know it. Anyways, the second exam is coming to a close. I've watched the episodes for this volume so it is all still a refresher for me. But it is still nice to get a refresher on the series since it is pretty impossible for me to watch without having to buy the series online. I'm too poor for that. But it is getting closer to that point where I left off in the TV series. So new things are coming my way. I can't wait. It will also probably be in the 9th or 10th volumes.


We all know my feelings so far on this series. I'm not loving it. A Silent Voice has so far been boring and dry. Nothing exciting has happened. It kind of makes me wonder if the TV series, if there is one, is way better. But there is so much hype about this series that I'm willing to stick it out a little bit longer. Sadly it didn't stop me from dreading to open its pages.The first part of the book proved that it was going to be like the other books. But about halfway through things started to shift. The series actually started to get a bit interesting. Here is this guy that has been trying his hardest to make up for his past mistakes. He even asks a former classmate to not mention anything and she turns it around by telling the one person he didn't want finding out about his past. To be honest, that was a little dirty of her and wrong, if you ask me. So he pretty much loses all of his friends that he worked so hard to make. The only one that really stuck by his side is the girl he used to bully. And can I say I didn't see the major twist at the end of the volume? Who would have guessed that someone so happy would do something like that? Thank the lord that our leading male character was there to save the day. You have to read the series to find out what I'm talking about. I'm not nice enough to give you guys any spoilers.

We all know how much I enjoy +Anima. The characters are loveable and funny. The adventures are interesting. I would so watch this if it was a TV series. But the adventures for this volume were okay. We had Cooro steal some apples and have a lady think he was her long dead son. Husky was mistaken as a girl again and had someone fall in love with him. And, then we have Senri going towards the mountains where the volume cuts off saying 'to be continued'. No. You can't do that. Now I have to wait a week for my next volume. Sad face. But I still highly enjoy this series and I have a feeling that there aren't that many volumes left. What am I going to do without Cooro? He is my favorite so far in this series. With Husky as a close second, of course.

I'm going to head out for now. I have two books I have to read before I can get any more manga. Also I have a dog asking for my constant attention as I write this.

So until next time.......

Friday, July 28, 2017

Almost done reading Enshadowed

Hello Bookies,

Okay, I have to be honest here. I have like over a hundred pages left to read, so I'm not even close to finishing the book. But I do have other books that I would like to post about so I'm ending the posts about this book a little bit early. Also, no a whole lot has happened in the book. Pretty much our leading lady going through the motions of real life while she balances insanity and the dream world. Not easy when everyone thinks you either know something or are just flat out losing it. Anyways, it took me a while to remember the layout of the Baltimore scene. The book describes an area that I haven't been to in a long time. I think I have been by the stadium about three years ago. So, I did sit there thinking that the author had it all wrong and thought she was talking about a different city until she described the stadium area. Then I was like, 'Oh yeah'. I am only pointing this out because I usually stay in the historical part or by the school that has UBee the bee mascot, University of Baltimore. But I'm getting off track and not really talking about the book. Not really a whole lot to talk about since she hardly spent any time in the dream world. I was kind of hoping this was would be just as on the edge of your seat as the first one. Instead, I'm thinking this book is a bit on the slow side. But I know it plays a big part in the series and hopefully, the third book is better. I would really hate to give this book a bad review but I have to say I am a bit disappointed. Sorry Bookies, but I felt like falling asleep that the book was so boring. But you are all free to read it if you would like. Like I said, it plays a big part in the series by being the second book in the series. I guess you kind of have to explain how she got somewhere instead of just throwing her into the location without a backstory. So I can see the reasoning here.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Sad news

Hello Bookies,

So, I have a few things to say. For the past week, I haven't been reading or pretty much been doing anything. The reason was that my grandmother ended up in the hospital due to a stroke. She was the remaining grandmother that I have so I spent most of my time by her bedside while she was in a coma. Sadly, she died on July 17, 2017. For the whole week, I was busy doing stuff to help my mom get through all of this. So, I haven't done much of reading. I actually haven't had the motivation to. I can't even write and I even tried to do that. The whole situation breaks my heart to the point that I don't want to do anything. Hopefully, you guys will understand on the massive delay this time around. For once it's not because I'm lazy, but due to the fact that I'm grieving the loss of an amazing woman who I literally grew up with. Thank you for understanding and for giving me time.

So until next time.......

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Reading Enshadowed

Hey there Bookies,

Sorry for the long delay. Not only am I trying to catch up on my reading, I have also fallen behind on my dramas. So trying to do both at once is probably a bad idea. Since I end up watching more than actually reading. Also, I've been working on my foreign language lessons. I feel like I am doing pretty good on that subject at least. But let's get talking about the book.

I'm only a third of the way through Enshadowed and so far not a whole lot has happened. Just our leading lady moping and slowly going insane. The whole book starts with her dreaming about cheer practice, but she doesn't know that she is dreaming quite yet. The moment she realizes it, she wakes up thinking that she is let for the competition, only to find out that it had all already happened. Then things drag on a bit with some excitement here and there. Like her friend running off after our leading lady describes a certain woman. Or, the moment where she gets violated from one of her enemies, Pinfeathers. Sadly, this isn't the only time he shows in the first third part of the book. I just finished the chapter where he shows up the second time. The guy just sounds creepy. I know it has been a while since I read the first book, so I need to really try to remember as I read more. But so far I'm getting the hang of what is going on. Varen is trying to communicate with Isobel while Lilith is up to no good. Isobel is trying to bring Varen back, thinking Baltimore is the only way. Bonus points to the book for mentioning a trip to my second home and a possible setting in it. But so far nothing really exciting has happened in the book. It is just dragging on a bit. I hope things pick up soon because my dramas look really good right about now.

So until next time........