Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reading Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven

Hey guys,

Its one of the books I tried reading way back when, but couldn't because I was so overwhelmed with books. Also I'm still waiting for my books to be ready at the library. So I figured I would grab another book that I started reading but never finished, and what better choice then the sequel to Bad Romeo. If I remember correctly there is a third book or going to be a third book. I could be highly wrong. But this is also a good book to start before the new year. Maybe I'll even finish it before hand. Who knows? Anyways, I really enjoyed Bad Romeo and the storyline. Didn't like how she left it off because it made me want to have more and now I can finally find out if the two end up together again. Maybe we will also learn more about Ethan's past and what the hell he did to her. But I'm pretty excited to finally read this book. It took me longer then expected because my mom took forever to read the book. She is such a hog when it comes to my books. She even bent the pages and everything. Why do people got to disrespect my books? Anyways, I'll post as soon as I get about halfway through the book. But I'm going to start reading it because I have waited far too long to read this book.

So until next time.....

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday update

Hey fellow bookworms,

Sorry for not posting lately. Its holiday season and its just a constant wave of chaos. There was so much going on that I hardly got any reading done. I didn't even get to the library to pick up my books that I had requested. Most likely have to request them again at this point. I blame my mother for really milking the whole "I'm too sick to do anything" excuse. It not only annoys me but also annoys my grandparents. Anyways that is besides the point. I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday with family and friends. I say holiday because no all of you celebrate Christmas like I do. Up next is the New Year though which brings me to the main reason I made this post.

The new year is just a few days away and I wanted to share five of my most memorable moments in 2015. You can share your memorable moments by commenting on this post. But here are mine.
  1. I got a job - To you that may not be exciting but to me it is. Especially when I live in a small town where they rather hire someone who is in high school then someone with a college degree. Anyways because of me getting this job I was able to do a lot of things that I didn't usually get to do. Like buy a whole bunch of books and add on to my growing library.
  2. I discovered the world of used books - Who would of thought that buying used books would be so much fun and easy? Also I didn't expect for the books to come in such a decent condition that it makes me pretty happy to own them. Even if they still have library stickers on them.
  3. I went to Baltimore...and New York - You have no idea how much I have been trying to get to the East Coast. So just being able to go was a huge accomplishment to me and defiantly not something I would forget. I achieved a childhood dream and fell in love with a city that I never thought I would step foot in. Hopefully in 2016 I'll be moving to Baltimore, even if my family doesn't want me to. I loved that city too much.
  4. My best friends wedding - I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one. Its hard to believe that we all have been out of high school for six years that we are now at the point in our lives where we start families of our own. But I'm happy for my best friend Devon and what ever else is in store for her in the year 2016. Especially the little one that she is now expecting.
  5. My reintroduction into the K-pop world - I never thought that I'd ever be so obsessed with K-pop when I first discovered it in 2011. There were some good bands that I listened to that are still around and others that made me wonder why I liked them in the first place. But back then I didn't get really into it like I do now. Back then it was like, 'hey this is pretty catchy' and then move on to my homework. Never thinking about the song or band again. Sorry B.A.P. I wasn't a good enough fan when you first debut, but I'm a loyal one now. Honestly I think that is the only band I still listen to from back then. Even if my interest in K-pop was on and off.
So that is five of my most memorable moments in 2015. I know some of them are pretty stupid, but that is only because not a lot has actually happened. More then 2014, but not all that much. Hopefully 2016 is going to be a good year for me. Which leads me to my next list. Five goals I wish to achieve in the year 2016. And these are:
  1. Move to Baltimore, Maryland
  2. Get my passport
  3. Go to Kcon
  4. Enter as many contests for writing as possible
  5. Go to a foreign country 
Yes some of them are stupid as well, but I'm really trying. But now I will wrap up this post by telling you what I have planned for this blog in the new year, besides trying to get my butt in gear when it comes to reading. I only say that because I didn't make my reading goal. Sad face. In the new year I will achieve that reading goal. Anyways, I'm going to start doing in video blogs or vlogs for this blog. I figured you guys can see my pretty face finally and see how chaotic my life really can be. I can't make any promises that I will stick to it, but I will at least try. Maybe you guys will watch me loose or gain weight too. I'm planning on dieting and exercising. I am okay with how I look right not, but I know that I can be better. But I think that is all for now. So until next time.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Almost done reading This Girl

So I'm almost done with this book, but that is only because my computer died and I had nothing to do at work besides read. Not that I'm complaining because this book is basically just a recap on the whole series. Just in Will's point of view. Very much appreciated when you haven't read the series for a long time and don't remember much. Anyways, the book is good. I like how you get the whole series as a recap in one book. Those books I like the most because you get to see what the guy was going through during the difficult times. For example, Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire, a good way to see my favorite book in a different perspective. Anyways, I really enjoyed the book. Kind of sad to see the series most likely come to an end, but I know Colleen creates more to fill that empty void we all feel when we finish one of her books. I'm kind of curious on which one is going to be my next read out of all her books. I think I pretty much have read all of them at this point. Except for November 9th. That one I still need to get my hands on. And maybe the rest of the Never Never books. So until next time.....

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Almost done reading Styxx

I'm about 94% through the book and I'm thankful for small favors. Anyways, a big battle is about to break out, making me wonder when Styxx is going to be reunited with his leading lady. I don't even have a clue on how they are going to bring her back. Why you gotta wait until the last page or the last second, Sherrilyn? Anyways, the book is pretty good. Long, but good. It pretty much takes until the end of the book before Ash realizes his mistakes and understand Styxx's pain. Also it takes everyone else the same amount. Makes you feel bad for the leading man. I wish I could write more, but since there are only a few pages left, I can't tell you anything serious. Just hints. Why? Because Sherrilyn Kenyon waited until the very end of the fricken book to tell you the best parts. Anyways, our leading roles are going to end up together again and maybe this small suspicion is going to be confirmed. I am not even going to tell you the suspicion, but I will tell you that it involves Urian. So until next time....

Monday, December 14, 2015

Reading Styxx part 3

This book is taking far too long for me to read. Thank the good lord I only have a quarter of it left to read. And, its in more of a modern setting because of the fact that one scene that played out in Acheron just played out in this book. The part where Acheron dies and his goddess mother destroys everything in her fit of rage and pain. Also I was sure she was going to let Beth go. But it didn't happen and that makes me sad. That was the one part I didn't remember from Acheron. Either way I do hope the two love birds find each other after all that tore them apart for over ten thousand years. Also I want to know how they get back together. The book just gets more interesting the more I read. Even if its the size of a fricken dictionary. Why do you have to make your books so big, Sherrilyn? Why? And they only seem to get bigger as the series go on. I only say it like that because the League series is the same exact way. Anyways, I'm going to try to finish this book today. I'm not making any promises, because I could possibly forget it at home again. Or, I could just say screw it and forget I even picked up the book in the first place. But the second option would make you guys hate me. So until next time......

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Started reading This Girl by Colleen Hoover

What do you do when you realize you left your dictionary size book at home? You pull out a much smaller book from your backpack as a backup. Or, at least make sure you are well prepared. Now my mom will understand why I carry four books at one time. Because I'm an idiot and like to leave books behind, or misplace them. So what could be a better backup then a book written by Colleen Hoover? I have other books that I started posts on already, but this book has to go back next week. So its my pick and the other books can just fricken wait. Anyways, its been a while since I read this lovely series and this is like the last installment. And will someone please remind me all that has happened in the last two books. I can hardly remember because of all the other awesome books I've read, and its been a really long time since I read the other books of this series. It would be very much appreciated. But I'm going to go start reading the book. Maybe something will come back to me, or maybe I'll just continue being a sad case who can't remember any of the good books. I blame my Kpop addiction for taking up most of my time and memory. Like I said, I'm a sad case. Anyways, I'm going to head out and try to get some reading done. I might continue getting distracted so I'm not making any promises. Until next time........

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reading Styxx part 2

I am finally halfway through the book. You have no idea how long it took me to get this far. Especially with such a needy family. I love them to death, but they really need to give me time to myself so I can read. Anyways, I can't even remember what my last post said that its been so long. Either way, I'm just going to tell you about the parts that I remember most. Like the fact that Styxx falls in love with a mystery woman who is actually a Goddess. Of course, she doesn't tell him the truth and he even keeps his true identity from her. Of course, she eventually finds out and leave him. Poor guy. She makes him feel even more worthless just by doing that. Also Styxx goes to war, almost gets killed by allies because of jealousy, and almost gets disowned by his father. Things are just not looking up for him lately. But its still pretty interesting to see things in his point of view. Especially when I read something that is about the same time frame as in Acheron. You really get to see what Styxx is actually thinking during that time and what he was really going through. But I'm waiting for when the part Acheron dies and Styxx along with him. Only because I want to see his point of view on that. If I remember correctly the previous books hinted it, but never actually told the reader what happened. Also I want Styxx back together with his goddess. It makes me curious on how Sherrilyn played that out in the book. Also makes me wonder if she got that child of Styxx's she wanted before she left him, or is that for later on? I only ask this because it was hinted in The Chronicles of Nick series. Just saying. But I'm going to take a break from reading because my head is killing me. Getting sick is no fun, especially when you have to work an overnight shift and all you want to do is sleep. So until next time......

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reading Styxx

So I'm making an exception to my rule of only posting about a book three times. That is only because this book is long. Its like the size of a dictionary. Like I've mentioned before, I've read this book way back when. Like so far back that I can't even remember the posts I did on it. Anyways, I had to reread the book from the beginning. Some I remembered and other I didn't at all. But basically this is like Acheron, but through Styxx's point of view. Which makes it interesting because you get to see what his life was actually like instead of how the sister viewed him. Really she just misunderstood him and its kind of heartbreaking. Actually everything Styxx goes through is kind of heartbreaking and there is no end to it. So far I'm only a quarter of the way through the book. Like I just got a quarter of the way and that is just entering the 200s in this book. There is like 900 pages all together. Looks like I have a lot of reading ahead of me. So until next time.....