Saturday, October 31, 2015

Started reading Devil in the Hole by Charles Salzberg

My boss is currently working me to the bone and I haven't gotten a chance to get to the library. My holds are most likely expired by now. Which kind of makes me sad. So I'm stuck with the books I have at home. Like Devil in the Hole. I'm not sure what this book is about but from what I'm getting by the few pages I read. Its either a thriller or a murder mystery. But I know that this is the time of year where I hardly read at all. NaNoWriMo is starting, or started. Depends on when you read this post and where you are in the world. I'm going in with two chapters of Donny finished, well a prologue and a chapter. But the prologue still counts as a finished chapter in my book. Anyways, back to talking about the book. So far we have this house. Very observant of me. The lights are always on but one goes out every few days. It got to the point that the neighbor got worried and drove his wife crazy with his theories on what was happening. They call the police. Police show up. Investigate. Then find that everyone in the house is dead. Even the dog is dead. And that is where I pretty much left off. Its pretty interesting so far. Hopefully I can learn a little more about the book. But with my sudden love for K-pop, that is most likely not going to happen. But I'll try. So until next time.......

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hey y'all

Okay so I thought I post the small discussion my mother and I had today. We were talking about how some books are just not meant to be movies. I don't remember what brought up the conversation, but we had it none the less. So one book that I thought was good to read, but wasn't meant to be a movie, was Fifty Shades of Grey. I'll probably get a lot of hate for it, but that is my opinion. I think the book was just to be too detailed to be turned into a movie. The book is good. Like really good. But when I watched the movie, I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. Like it was those type of movies that you aren't supposed to watch that is hidden in your parents or older brother's closet in a shoe box. If just watching it by myself felt uncomfortable, I'd hate to see how I would feel in a room full of people. The Giver is another book I didn't think should of been turn into a movie. The movie was so way off the book that it kind of ruined it. Again, probably going to get a lot of hate for that. I had this whole image of what the world the book created that when I saw the movie, it kind of disappointed me. I mean it was maybe a little too futuristic for me. Now the books that were okay to be turned into movie are like the Harry Potter series, and City of Bones. Those movies I actually enjoyed even though they weren't exactly like the book, but it brought the idea to life. Another book would be Matilda. Loved the book and the movie was cute. Now I'm kind of curious if you guys feel the same or not about my examples. And, what other books did you think made good movies, or should of just stayed in the pages and your imagination.

Anyways, another discussion I had with my mom. We've been having them all week as we wait for our tickets for the upcoming All Time Low concert. It is making us very nervous and frustrated that they aren't here yet. So we decided to talk about my latest music addiction. It drives my mom nuts because she doesn't really care for it. I'm currently obsessed with K-pop right now. I find it quite catchy and its been helping with my writing lately. So anything to get Donny going, I'm okay with it. I'm also going to get a lot of crap for admitting it, but I don't care. I love listening to K-pop right now. Kind of makes me want to party and have fun. It also makes me what to go to South Korea and actually see one of these bands perform. But I'd rather be backstage to see it, because groups of people that size makes me nervous. Reason why I always have to be in the front row, on the side, or in the way back. I get so nervous that I start to panic and fall into a panic attack. But it would be cool to see one of the popular K-pop bands live. Even if I have no idea what the hell they are saying half of the time.

Okay that is it for about now. I'm going to head off to read the book I brought from home. Waking Beauty wasn't working for me at the time, so I picked up a murder mystery instead. I'm not going to get any books done at this rate. So until next time.......

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Worst reader ever

I have done no reading whats so ever. Okay maybe I read about six pages, but that was about it. I think I'm still caught up with Requiem. That book kept me up for hours, even after I was done reading it. Also I'm just not getting into Waking Beauty. I know I'm only like twenty three pages in, but I'm practically falling asleep as I read it. It is a very slow beginning. I hate slow beginnings. Don't get me wrong. Its quite interesting seeing this side of an old fairy tale. But I'm a type of person that loves action right away. Maybe I'll pick up the book again at a later date. But until then. I'll read what ever book I pick up from the library or from the monster of a pile on my dresser. Maybe I'll finally find my missing book. Who know? But I'm going to head out for now. I'm on a roll with Donny and I like to get a head start on NaNoWriMo because I'm a cheater like that. So until next time......

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Back to reading Waking Beauty

With all of my current library books read, I can go back to reading Waking Beauty. And I could swear that I was much farther then a few pages. Also I know some of you are wondering about a certain book I lost a few months back. Its still missing. Like I have looked everywhere in my house. I have absolutely no idea where it went. So I'm just going to post what I have so far on The Devil Laughed. Then I'm going to do some serious begging for some money to get a new book. Now watch after I get a new one, I'll find the old one. That would be my luck. Anyways, I almost lost this book as well. The disadvantages of remodeling your room to fit more books and also getting ready for the big move in July. Well I'm aiming for July. Maybe sooner, maybe later. But either way I'm getting my butt to Baltimore. But I'm going to go read this book. I have a long night ahead of me and its so nice to actually have a book to read while I wait for the night to go by. Unlike last time. So until next time......

Almost done reading Requiem

I got a chapter and a half left in this book, and so much happens. I also may have peaked a little towards the end and something big happens to Ryan. I'm not sure yet because I haven't gotten there. But I know it is going to keep me at the edge of my seat. The whole Ryan suspecting the truth thing is already having me refusing to put the book down. I wish I would write more about this book but I can't because that will ruin everything about the book. But I highly suggest you go read this book and maybe the rest of the series. Jamie McGuire has still yet to disappoint me. At this rate I don't see any of that happening. So until next time.......

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Reading Requiem part 2

So I was aiming to finishing this book by the end of tonight, but that isn't going to happen. Why? Because I forget the book at home. Like, how can I do that? It was right there next to my backpack. I could of sworn that I packed it. This is making me extremely sad. The book is getting so good right now and I want to know what is all going to go down. Ryan doesn't love Nina anymore, which is good in a way. But it doesn't make Jared any happier. Why? Well, lets just say that Ryan has fallen in love with someone else in Jared's life. Just talking about the book makes me want to read it. I'm going to go pout. I wish I could of written more, but this post is just depressing me more. So until next time....

Saturday, October 24, 2015

NaNoWriMo is coming

If you guys haven't heard, which I'm pretty sure you haven't, but I'm doing NaNoWriMo again, for the second year in a row. But most of you will be wondering, what is NaNoWriMo? NaNoWriMo is actually short for National Novel Writers Month, or it could be writing. Oh well, that is besides the point. Anyways, NaNoWriMo is a nonprofit organization that believe all stories matter. Their words, not mine. They basically raise money to run sites and get coaches to help writers all over the world. Its actually pretty cool. So why am I telling you all this?

Well, I actually got a fundraising page just for this cause. You can donate towards this lovely nonprofit organization by going to this link ---->

Thank you in advance.

Also there is more. You all know I made a page dedicated to just my writing. I would like to make it better by adding previews of chapters and what the characters look like. Maybe even some fan art. But I can't do that with out your help. I know I still have to update it, but I'll be getting to that as soon as I can. Promise. But I will for sure be posting a description of the main characters and you can send me what you picture my words are saying. It would be very much appreciated.

That is all for now. Thanks again guys. And its not too late to sign up for NaNoWriMo. Anyone that had the dream of writing a novel is welcomed.

So until next time.........

Friday, October 23, 2015

Reading Requiem

Sorry for not posting as much as I should, but my mother wants me to create some Halloween decorations for her. So most of my time has been on that. Also I was enjoying actual days off that doesn't involve going to a theater and sitting in a dark room all day. Even though it was fun being back at the sound board, I enjoyed the days to myself instead. Anyways, I have been reading here and there and things are actually getting interesting. I actually had to pry the book from my own hands just so I could write this post. Your welcome. Anyways, Nina is having serious nightmares and they have found out that it only happens when Jared is around. Nina's friend Kim is acting weird and has major secrets. Also Ryan, Nina's meant to be, is in the army risking his life because he can't be in the same presence as the girl who broke his heart. Add a dead future father in law haunting Nina's dreams with hidden messages on top of all that and you got yourself a book you don't want to put down. Kudos to Jamie on this one. Sadly I'm running out of her books to read. So until next time......

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Almost done reading Up to Me

All I have to say about this book is that you have to go read it. Like yesterday. And if you haven't read the first book, go read that too. I'm saying that because there is so much going on that I can't tell you because it would ruin the book. Nothing like constant twists that you never see coming, or you do but don't actually think its a twist because that would be just too obvious. Anyways, I loved the book. This one had a lot of action in it because some people get kidnapped and Cash has to find a way to get them back to safety. It just makes me wonder what craziness the next book holds. I really wish I could tell you all about what had happened in the book but then I'd have to tell you a spoiler. I don't like spoilers. But I'm highly recommending this series just for the twists in the book. Those tend to keep the books interesting. Also we still have that other secret that Cash's dad is holding up his sleeve. It would be so funny if Cash's mom wasn't dead like he thought. If that is so, why the hell did the guy go to jail then? Or maybe there is a secret brother somewhere. That would be even more epic. But I'm going to head out. I have another book I have to finish reading before next weekend. So until next time......

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reading Up to Me

I hate it when something huge happens in a book and I can't tell you because it would just ruin everything. Like its a major spoiler. But I still want to tell you because its crazy and I honestly didn't see it coming. Looks like daddy has some explaining to do. I am quite curious on what other secrets Cash's dad is keeping from him. There is a lot going on and I can't tell you any of it except that Olivia's cousin was kidnapped by some bad guys and they are trying to get her back with her life intact. Not sure how they are going to pull this off but this book is just throwing twist after twist right now. Kudos to the author. So until next time.....

Started reading Requiem by Jamie McGuire

It appears that misplacing books seem to be my thing lately. I'll give you one wild guess on what book I lost this time around. So until I find the book I was currently reading, I figured I'd read my other library book. The series has been so good far and I'm only on the second book. Sadly I don't remember much on what happened in the first book, but I think my review on it is on this site. If not. You can request it and I'll reread the book all over again. I won't mind rereading any Jamie McGuire book. So far all of the books I've read by her have been awesome and making me beg my mom to give me money to go buy the book for myself. The downside to having your mother manage your finances so you don't blow all your money on books and bookshelves. To me, money well spent. To her, not so much. Anyways, I started reading this book late last night. So I didn't get too far. But I can say that the book starts off really cool. Basically you start off in one of Nina's nightmares. Which pulls you in the book right away because you now want to know why she is dreaming about her father's death. In the first book you started off with her just leaving her father's funeral. But her father's choices usually bring all the books together, which is pretty awesome. I wonder what her father's choices in this book are and how they affect her life. Well, since she is with someone she wasn't even supposed to be with, and the one she was supposed to be with ran away  to war. This book is already drawing me in and I'm only on the second chapter. So until next time.....

Friday, October 9, 2015

Started reading Up to Me by M. Leighton

So no one took part in my poll. Which kind of makes me sad. Anyways, the library has decided my next book. Nothing like getting a book and finding out its due in a week and a half. So I'm putting Waking Beauty aside and grabbed Up to Me. This is the second book in a series and the first book had a huge twist that most people don't see. Well they joke about what the big secret and don't realize that they are actually right. Anyways, I'm kind of curious what adventures the second book holds. Because if I remember correctly there was someone watching our leading lady at the end of the first book. I don't remember anyone's names or anything really. Its actually been a while since I read the first book, but I'm looking forward to reading the second book. Maybe it will remind me of some things that were in the first book. So until next time......

Saturday, October 3, 2015

What book to read next......

Hey guys, I'm in need of a little help. If you must know I got two books from the library and I'm not sure which one to read next. Luckly I'm currently reading a book right now so we have plenty of time to determine which book should be read next. So please vote for the book I should read next below. I look forward to seeing what you guys chose and I'm putting the power in your hands. Now the only question I need to ask is, what book should I read after Waking Beauty?

What book should I read next?

Requiem by Jamie McGuire

Up To Me by M. Leighton

Friday, October 2, 2015

Started reading Waking Beauty by Sarah E. Morin

So my next read is one I won a while back. I haven't had a chance to read it until now because I have so many books. I really need to stop buying more books. Anyways, from what little I've read the book is kind of like Sleeping Beauty but more of a reality. No sleeping princess is going to be perfect when the prince finally saves her. She isn't going to wake up and fall madly in love with her savior. She probably won't even be able to do a lot of things like the movies portray. So far this book has told us everything the movies haven't. The sleeping princess is covered in dust from years of being by herself. She can't even talk because she hasn't had anything to drink for hundreds of years. I think so far this book has shown what you really should expect when you find a sleeping princess. Now I wonder what other fairytale curve balls this books is going to throw next. So until next time.....

Almost done reading Once Dead, Twice Shy

Two chapters left in the book and honestly I was kind of disappointed in the whole thing. The book wasn't as epic as I thought when you have light and dark against each other. Instead you follow a troubled girl who died and learn how she is coping with it. Also some other secrets about her. I could also be wrong and that there is going to be a major battle at the end. Who knows? Anyways, I wasn't a huge fan of the book. Its good, but not a fan. I read a lot of young adult books and this one just doesn't feel like it was in the same league as them. Maybe I must too old to understand the book and fully enjoy it. Like I said before, who knows? Anyways, don't let my words affect your wants to read the book. You could be a fan of the book when I can't be. I'll try to read the second book in the series and we'll see how that goes. Maybe it gets better over time. So until next time....