Friday, October 2, 2015

Almost done reading Once Dead, Twice Shy

Two chapters left in the book and honestly I was kind of disappointed in the whole thing. The book wasn't as epic as I thought when you have light and dark against each other. Instead you follow a troubled girl who died and learn how she is coping with it. Also some other secrets about her. I could also be wrong and that there is going to be a major battle at the end. Who knows? Anyways, I wasn't a huge fan of the book. Its good, but not a fan. I read a lot of young adult books and this one just doesn't feel like it was in the same league as them. Maybe I must too old to understand the book and fully enjoy it. Like I said before, who knows? Anyways, don't let my words affect your wants to read the book. You could be a fan of the book when I can't be. I'll try to read the second book in the series and we'll see how that goes. Maybe it gets better over time. So until next time....

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