Thursday, July 31, 2014

Started reading Beautiful Oblivion

Gathering Blue was put back on the shelf due to the fact that I finally got Beautiful Oblivion by Jaime McGuire. I'm fricken excited to read this book. This book has high expectations from me because its supposed to be a run off of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster. Two of my favorite books of all time. No matter how much I read those books, I still end up bawling at the break up scenes. Anyways, I was always curious about Travis Maddox's brothers and how their lives go. Also just reading the back makes me want to read the book. I think I will not be disappointed with this book. I still feel like a crack addict with their next fix. I may have a reading problem. But, I'm going to go off and read the book. Prob finish it in about two days, then I'll be off to read Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon. So until next time....

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Started reading Gathering Blue

Why did no one tell me that the one book that started my bookworm status was part of a series? I just so happen to grab the second book with out even realizing it. Yay to the subconscious. Anyways, the first that I ever read that made me love reading was The Giver. I read the book like six times in one year and I had to read other adventures after that. It was like opening a door to all of these possibilities. If only it came sooner then later in school. Would of helped me out a lot. Anyways, I also hear The Giver is being turned into a movie. If so, I want to see it. What better reason then to see the book that started it all in motion picture? I'm prepared to see a lot of differences.
So the book I'm talking about is Gathering Blue. I'm not sure what it is about. I just saw it for sale at goodwill for like $.99. I briefly read the back, thought it would be interesting and bought it.  Then I looked it up on Goodreads to see if it was part of a series in case I can't read it until I read the first book. Turns out it is part of a series and its the second book. I went to check out the series for the name of the first book, and I'm shocked to see that I read the first book already. I look over to the title and guess what I see, it the fricken giver. So that just made huge expectations for this book. Not many books get put up against the one book that started it all. Usually they get compared to my favorite book. So I'm so ready to pick up this book and just see what adventures it hold. So until next time....

Finished reading Wild Cards

I guess being sick in bed has its advantages, in a way. The whole day I had a grandmother telling my how lazy I am and how I always have something wrong with me. She's a mean lady, but can't help but love the woman. Kind of reminded me of Derek's grandma in the book. She is set in her ways and is willing to do what ever it takes to change her grandchild into her standards. I didn't think I would read a book that reminds me of my grans. Shocker. Anyways, I finished the book. I was already half way through it when I placed it on my bookshelf. So, Ashtyn and Derek went to Texas. Ashtyn went through hell at football camp and Derek went through hell with his grandmother. But, Derek ended up finally telling Ashtyn why he doesn't play football anymore. Of course that was after the fact that she found out he was some football prodigy. There was a bit of fighting, both verbal and physical, as you got closer to the end. Then some love confessions, and even more fighting. Derek likes to fight a lot. Then the most romantic thing to win the girl's heart. I also may have almost cried a few times. I couldn't help it, I'm just emotional like that. Anyways, I liked the book. Sure it was a little predictable, but you can't help but be drawn into it. If I could, I'd give the book four and a half stars. But I can't, so it has to be given four stars. Sad face. But, its a good book and I recommend you to go read it if you are into romantic lovey stuff. I'm for sure a sucker for those. So until next time....

Finished reading Illusion and started Wild Cards

Well I finished reading the only Sherrilyn Kenyon book I own. I really liked it and it kept me from wanting to put it down. Especially when Nick is trying to get back into his normal body. Nail bitter there. Anyways, even though I liked the book I still gave it four stars on goodreads. I can picture you guys booing me. I'm sorry guys. I just can't say that I loved the book. Sure it blew my mind in the middle, but after that is was okay. Some epic battles that kept you on your feet. But at least he ending had you pretty much screaming for more. I'd given it four and a half stars, but goodreads only does whole stars. Its lame.
Anyways, my next book is one that I have been trying to finish since the day I got it, Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles. I wish I could tell you about all that I have read so far since apparently I'm halfway through the book, but I honestly can't remember a thing. All I know is that we have a trouble maker who has to move back to his stepmom's hometown while his dad is away on some military mission or what not. Our trouble maker's name is Derek by the way. Then we have our tomboy football playing leading lady, Ashtyn. She hates Derek's guts that we know of and her boyfriend slash ex-boyfriend left the team because she ended up captain and he didn't. What a dick. I think I left off with Ashtyn asking Derek to go with her to Texas so she can go to this football camp and Derek is kind of refusing. I think that if they do go on this trip, some feelings about each other are going to surface and finally admitted. So until next time.....

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reading Illusion part 2

Okay, so my mind is completely blown right now. So many questions that are formed with the previous books are now being answered. Like who the hell is Kody? Yeah, she becomes Nick's semi-girlfriend, but who is she? Where is she from? Why is she so secretive? I'm not even sure I should tell you some of the answers. As I'm reading, I'm starting to think I shouldn't read it. I still have Styxx to read for the Dark Hunter series and this last chapter I just read made me wonder if I read a spoiler. I have no idea how to react right now. I told you, my mind is completely blown with some of these answers. Who would of thought going to an alternate universe would answer some hardcore questions? Anyways, we finally found out how Nick was able to be transported and why. Its no other reason then to kill him. The enemy is also no who you think it is in the beginning. The enemy is actually related to Kody in some way, and now they are out to kill her along with Nick. I've only read two chapters since my last post and holy crap, a lot happens in those two chapters. It has you so hooked that you don't even notice how far you have gotten until you close the book. I just want to know if they succeed in getting Nick back to his normal life in order to save the world. They have to or else it would just make it a really good book with a really dumb ending. But I'm going to have my mind blown even more as I try to finish this book. So until next time....

Reading Illusion

I'm about half way through the book already and a lot has happened. But for those who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, I'll give you a brief explanation. Illusion is part of a series called The Chronicles of Nick. I can't remember what number it is, but I think its the fourth book. I could be wrong. Most likely. Anyways, its kind of a run off of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Series. So our main character Nick is the main focus in the whole series. Hence why its called The Chronicles of Nick. Nick just so happens to be part demon due to the fact that his father, who is the strongest demon to live, had a child with Nick's mother, who is human. The supposed story is that Nick's father raped his mother, but the more you read into the series you being to realize that wasn't the case. Heck the guy sacrificed himself to save Nick and his mom. That is true love right there. Anyways, the series is all about Nick coming into his powers while all of these things come after him to either end his life or enslave him. Its one of the side effects of being one of the strongest demons on earth. Anyways, the book that I'm reading is that Nick is pulled into an alternate universe. Why? Most likely to weaken him enough that he can be killed. He now has to make it back into his world in order to save the world from a big bad evil general demon that his father made a deal with for just in case he died. Sacrificing himself doesn't seem like it was a smart move at the moment. Especially when Nick is running for his life from people he thought were friends in his world and a swarm of demons working for a even stronger demon. All hell is pretty much breaking loose at the moment. And that is just half of the book. I pretty much stopped with Nick pretty much sacrificed himself to keep everyone he loved in the alternate universe and got dragged away. I'm not sure what is going to happen, or how Nick is going to get back to his world. But I'm fully prepared not to rest until I find out. If only my eyes agreed. They keep trying to close for good. So until next time.....

Monday, July 28, 2014

Started reading Illusion by Sherrylin Kenyon

So, being the huge fan that I am of Sherrilyn Kenyon, I had just so happen to have bought this book when it first came out. It took a lot of begging to get it. Anyways, I'm most likely never going to read Glimmerglass anytime soon. So I decided to read this baby before Instinct comes out. Which I'm pretty excited about. I honestly attempted to start reading this book, but when I get a limit amount of time for books from the library, I kind of have to put it on the shelf. And sometimes I forget that its there. I'm not perfect fan, but still a fan. Anyways I'm finally going to read this book and hopefully finish it before I pick up Styxx from the library, another Sherrilyn Kenyon book. I'm just getting her books left and right lately. Might have to do with the books that are coming out all of a sudden. I finished most of the series and having these books come out make it all the better. Anyways I'm going to go off and read Illusion. From what I hear or read on the inside cover, Nick goes in an alternate reality where there is no such thing a supernatural stuff. I would rather live in a world of supernatural. So until next time.....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Almost finished reading Angel Killer

Okay, the last trick the killer does basically blew my mind. I understand how he was able to make a girl disappear. What really blew my mind was making the illusion of a girl falling thousands of feet in the middle of Time Square. It was to make it look like she was an angel falling from heaven. Agent Blackwood had a theory on how he did it, but I just couldn't picture it. And, Damian might have been able to prove his innocence, but I still suspect the guy. I'm pretty much a few pages away from the final act and I thought I'd post this before I reveal anything that will ruin the book. I don't want to make you guys not want to read it because you know how everything played out. I'm not that kind of person. Anyways if you are huge into mysteries and thrillers, this is a book for you. It keeps your mind working as you read because you can't help but wonder who the killer did his illusions. I'm still skeptical on some of the reveals. So, I am telling you to go preorder the book on Or, buy it when it comes out September 23. I don't think you guys will be disappointed. I sure wasn't. So look for Angel Killer buy Andrew Mayne when you are ordering or buy the book. I give the book four out of five stars. But, I'm going to go now and maybe start Glimmerglass finally. I am not making any promises. So until next time.....

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Reading Angel Killer part 3

Okay, so I'm a little over halfway in the book. Even though it feels like I'm farther. Anyways, I have a theory on who the killer is. I get the vibe that the Warlock is trying to impress Agent Blackwood. That all of these tricks it to show her what he can do. There is only one person who jumps out at me that keeps popping up out of no where. Its Agent Blackwood's ex, Damian. Its just my theory that he's actually Warlock and just wants to appear that he's helping out with the case. I could be wrong, but that is what I'm guessing. Maybe when the book comes out, you guys will get the same gut feeling. But the story has basically two mysteries going on. One is the fact that there is a killer out there that calls himself The Warlock. The other mystery is basically trying to figure out who the hell Damian really is. Like I said, I think him and the Warlock are two of the same person. And, I'm at that point in the book where I'm not the only one thinking this.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Reading Angel Killer part 2

Okay I lied again. I'm not going to read Glimmerglass. There will still be a review for it, but my mom is going to help me out by reading the book instead. I have to get back to reading Angel Killer and I have a month to finish it. I will probably have it finished before then, but I'm not going to take any chances. I'll probably read Glimmerglass eventually. Just not right now. I gave myself a deadline on this book because I wanted you guys to know what I thought of the book before its released on September 23. So far the book is really good. You have two near to impossible murders in the book. You have a girl that supposedly died a year or two previous to the case. Then you have an airplane that has gone missing during World War 2 suddenly appearing with a pilot that hasn't aged a day. I just want to know how the guy pulled all of this off and why. So I'm headed back to solving this mind blowing mystery. Maybe then I'll be able to read Glimmerglass, if I finish this book before I have to return the book. And by book I mean Glimmerglass, not Angel Killer. I own Angel Killer due to a competition to get an advance copy. Anyways, I'm off to read. Sorry for looking like a huge liar to you guys. So until next time....

Finished reading Born of Fury

I admit that I almost cried toward the end. Damn you Sherrilyn Kenyon for almost killing someone in the end. Why would you do that to me? I love those guys and you had to almost kill one. Thats not right. Anyways, I loved the book. I kind of don't want to return it back to the library. I've also have been apparently cuddling with it in my sleep. So, the book is really good. There is a lot of battles going on that keeps you on the edge of your seat and refuse to put the book down. Dancer Hauk also has a few close calls and I think spends more time in a hospital bed or getting chewed out by Sumi then actually fights in the book. Also you find out the secrets behind Darice and his mother. Some of my theories also didn't ring true with some of the secrets. Dang it. Anyways, I highly recommend you to read this book. Hell, I recommend the whole damn series. I wasn't disappointed with Sherrilyn Kenyon while reading this book. I love her books a lot and I'd be happy to read Born of Betrayal when it comes out. Maybe even before it does. Hint hint. Anyways, I'm off to go read the book I said I was going to read before I got Born of Fury. I told my mom that I'd have the book done in two days and I didn't lie to her. It only takes me 48 hours to read Sherrilyn Kenyon books because she makes them so good that I don't want to put them down. I'll hopefully finally pick up Illusion from her Chronicles of Nick series. It's on my book shelf, just haven't had a chance to pick it up yet. I know I have to read it before Instinct comes out. Anyways, no more of me gushing over Sherrilyn's books. I'm off to go start reading Glimmerglass by Jenna Black. So until next time....

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reading Born of Fury

As promised, I'm making a post. I'm a little over a third of the way in the book. I say a little over because I wanted to finish the chapter before I post anything. Anyways, I'm not sure what I can tell you. I'm in the situation where I don't want to ruin the book for anyone that is still waiting to read it. I guess I can tell those who didn't know, but the book is basically telling Dancer Hauk's story and what not. If you don't know who Hauk is, I suggest you read The League series. Its a good series that will get you hooked within the first book. Anyways Hauk pretty much went on a survival trip with his nephew, Darice. He also took his friend Nyk's daughter with him on the trip. While they are there, they save a woman named Sumi. Instant attraction right there between Hauk and Sumi. The only catch is that Hauk is engaged to his brother's widow who basically hates his guts. You also find out some other things that she has done to continuously put Hauk in hell. Poor guy. She even turned her son Darice against Hauk. I have a feeling the kid is starting to have a change of heart though. Anyways, I don't know what else to say yet. So far we have people out to kill Hauk, and I thought they were using Sumi to track him down. But, apparently Hauk has a tracking device in him they he can't remember ever getting. I might have an idea who is behind this. But, I don't have much else to say so I'm going to head out. Expect a post when I'm about another third through the book. So until next time...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Started reading Born Of Fury by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I lied when I said that I was going to read Glimmerglass next. That is only because I didn't think Born of Fury would come in so soon. I honestly didn't expect it until like Wednesday. But I just picked it up from the library and I already got a rush by reading the first four words of the book. I'm just a huge Sherrilyn Kenyon fan. I have been since my curiosity made me pick up one of her books. Devil May Cry was the first and it got me hooked on her books. Anyways, enough of me saying how much I love Sherrilyn Kenyon books. I'm off to start reading Born of Fury. I waited for too long to read this book. I even kept checking if the library had it way before the book came out. I tried to be first, but it didn't work. But, anyways I'm going to go read. I'll post again with I'm a third of the way. So until next time.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Finished reading Down To You

Holly hell the book has an interesting twist at the end. I suspected what the huge secret was, but I wasn't sure. I also didn't peek this time. I was a good girl. I'm almost done with the book I have like twenty pages left. But, I really like the book. Made me not want to put it down and made me laugh a few times. Olivia is actually a very relate able character that oddly reminds me a lot of myself. Interesting. Anyways, I'd give the book four stars. I know I'm harsh. I liked the book and I recommend you to read it. But, the ending is so predictable after a certain point. At least you don't know the why until the secret is explained more. So go check to your library and request this book, if you are allowed. There are some graphic scenes, but from some of the past young adult books I've read, I don't see how this book could be any different. I guess it depends  on the place. So if you can't get it at the library, buy it. You might like it as much as I did.
Anyways, my next book I'll be reading will be Glimmerglass by Jenna Black. I'm not sure what its about. I just saw it on my to-read list. Who knows how long it's been waiting for me to request it from the library. I'm going to try to finish this in two days as well. Its only so I can get back to reading Angel Killer and get that done before Born of Fury comes in. I just found out that its being transferred as we speak. I'm getting pretty excited to finally read a Sherrilyn Kenyon book again after so long. So until next time.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reading Down To You part 2

I'm about half way through the book and its quite interesting. There are some parts I can't read in front of my mother because she has threatened to take pictures of my facial expressions. Anyways, Olivia, one of the main characters, is a simple girl. She doesn't think highly of herself and has kissed two guys within the same week. That is right. Her cousin even set her up to embarrass her at a gathering she went with Nash because her cousin couldn't go. I could slap the girl for being so cruel. But, Nash was nice enough to turn the evening around to cheer Olivia up. He's such a sweetie. Of course things got a little heated and things are now awkward between the two. Then Olivia gets the balls to confront Cash on her suspicions about him which ended in a huge make out session and a possible arrangement. Now she has to decide which guys she wants. I don't care what her history is with bad boys, I'd go with the single guy right now. Even if her cousin is a bit of a spoiled brat and Nash deserves better. But, it was his choice choosing the snobby princess. So far the book is really good and I can hardly put it down. The only reason I do is because I'm too embarrassed when my mom pulls out the camera. Family can be so cruel sometimes.

Reading Down To You part 1

I have learned that I can't read this book around anyone. My fam ruined that when they pointed out the multiple facial expressions I make when I read. I think some even took pictures of them. My mom says that if I really like a book, I smile and frown at the same time. I know I've been smiling a lot in the first few chapters, especially when you can so see that the group of girls mistake the club owner as a stripper like a mile away. Still makes it funny. Anyways, I've laughed at least once in every chapter. I'm only on chapter seven and I love the book so far. Right now the main character, Olivia, is trying to get used to the two hot twins that invaded her life. Also she has a best friend encouraging her to steal her cousin's boyfriend, Nash. But, I have a feeling she has more hots for Nash's twin brother, Cash. I like how the names are so close together that I predict that I'll be mixing them up in later posts. Anyways, I'm going to wrap up chapter seven and maybe read chapter eight before I pass out. It was a long day due to the fact that I wasn't allowed to read. It was my brother's 13th birthday and my mother said no books. It was complete hell for me. But, I'm off. So until next time.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Angel Killer reading paused and started reading Down To You by M. Leighton

Okay, so I got two books from the library today, meaning I'm never going to get Angel Killer done. Just kidding. I'm taking a break from the book to read Down To You by M. Leighton. I have fourteen days to read the book, so you can see why I'm going to start reading it right away.
So I'm nice enough to show you the version I have above. I haven't started yet but I will pretty soon. According to what I read on the back there is going to be a love triangle going on. You all know how much I love to read the drama that involves love triangles. Basically its about a girl that falls in love with two guys who are apparently brothers. Well thats what I got from the back. Just reading the back makes me want to read the book. So, I'm going to make a bowl of popcorn, open a can of my favorite soda, and sit in my reading corner. I'm hoping to get this done in three days. Lets see if I do. So until next time.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Reading Angel Killer part 1

Angel Killer is getting more interesting by the minute. Not only do I have to figure out how this killer brought a dead girl back to life, I now have to figure out how he was able to carry a plane, that went missing during world war 2, and place it on a beach with a dead pilot. I'm about half way through the book now and I have a suspicion who it is. You might get it to when the book comes out and you meet a certain character. He apparently pulled off a huge stunt before and made news. I wouldn't be surprised if he was behind this whole entire thing. Anyways, I feel like I'm just rushing through this book because the chapters are pretty short. Of course, the author is still able to keep your attention the whole entire time you read it. That's I like to read mysteries. You end up trying to put the pieces together as you read and hope you come up with the same conclusion as the author. Sometimes it doesn't work like that and you end up sitting back and think to yourself on how you never saw it coming. I got that from a few books I've read in the past. For some example, Stalker or Ashes to Ashes. Both are good books, but not meant for kids. Anyways, this book is so far really good, but not good enough to make me not want to put it down. I'm only halfway. I'm sure its about to just get even more interesting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back to reading Angel Killer

I don't know why I didn't put this in the post about Where You Are, but I didn't and I'm wasting space. Oh well. Since I have no more books from the library and I'm still waiting for Beautiful Oblivion to arrive, I'm going to continue reading Angel Killer. You know the book where a hacker sends coordinates in code to the FBI. Which lead to a dead body of a girl that died two years previous to this case, but the body shows signs of only dying twelve hours before. Then I spent a few chapters trying to figure out how the guy was able to create the illusion of the girl climbing out of the grave without disturbing the ground around it and making the coffin look empty and open under ground. Yeah, I'm going back to that book. I left off when the are in a meeting discussing what they found at the crime scene before the body spontaneously combusted. And as a reminder, this book isn't out yet. It comes out in September. I'm feeling quiet honored to be one of the first people to read this book and tell you guys about it. So far, it's pretty good.

Finished Where You Are

I'm probably going to have some people upset with me for this, but I didn't really care the the book. Not a lot happened and I'm glad that Brooke finally got what she deserved in the end. I just wished that there was more to it. It felt like I read nothing. Its not something I'd remember down the road. Don't get me wrong, its a good book. Its just not memorable to me. I gave the book three stars on I feel bad for the rating. I won't say that I hated the book and didn't like it. I liked it a lot and it had some parts that made me laugh. But, it didn't tug at my heart strings or make me refuse to put it down. So if you still want to read the book, go a head. Maybe you'll like it more then I do.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reading Where You Are

Okay, so I'm about halfway through Where You Are. The plan that Reid and Brooke came up with is in full effect, but there is something forming between the two of them. Also Brooke is starting to realize that it's harder then she thought. Only because Graham is falling in love with Emma. Looks like the princess isn't going to get what she wants. Honestly I'm cheering for Graham and Emma on this whole thing. They are two layed back people that don't want anything to do with the Hollywood life. Of course, we got people to drag them in. Even the studio to make Emma pretend she was in a relationship with Reid. If I were her, I'd tell them to suck it. There would be no way that I'd pretend to be in a relationship. I don't care how long, or the reason. It won't happen.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beautiful Oblivion and started reading Where You Are by Tammara Webber

Okay, so I got two books to talk about.
First off is the book Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire. I so want to read this book so bad. I even went to the bookstore the day I found out about it being out. Of course, I only had to find out that the book was sold out. There was even only one copy left of Born of Fury. I didn't get that book because my mom saw the price and said 'hell no'. Kind of made me giggle. But, I ordered this book at the book store and now I'm acting like a crack addict waiting for their next hit. I really need to read this book. There is high expectations for this book since its a run off of my favorite book of all time, Beautiful Disaster.
 Anyways, the second book I'd like to talk about is Where You Are by Tammara Webber. I'm currently reading this book and I'm pretty far already. Its the sequel to Between The Lines. I've actually reviewed the book on my website So if you want an idea on what happened in the first book, go check it out. You might have to hunt for it. Anyways, this book is a little slow. You get a little background with some of the characters that you didn't get a background on in the first book. Also you have to pay close attention in both books because it changes views between characters a lot. So make sure you pay attention to who's eyes you are looking through. Right not Emma and Graham are slowly starting a relationship. Brooke doesn't like it and teams up with Reid to break these two apart. Only because she wants Graham for herself and she knows Reid wants Emma. That is about it so far. Like I said, I just started reading it and didn't get too far. I'll also be sure to post as soon as I'm about halfway through the book. So until next time.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Done reading Effortless

I'm a horrible reader. The point of the making it seem that Kellan is cheating through the whole last half of the book is to make you keep reading to see. Of course, the idiot that I am had to peek. So I knew the big secret before I even finish the book. I'm so ashamed. Anyways, I'm pretty much done with the book and you find out the secret after Kellan and Kiera have a huge fight. Starts with Kellan coming home to see Kiera being a good friend to Denny, because he's sad his girlfriend is still on the other side of the world. The fight get worse after Kellan storms out of Kiera's room while she is taking a shower, or at least after she's done. Kiera storms over to Kellan's house demanding why he dumped her and stormed out with out explaining. I'm not sure what happens after it all gets straightened out. I'm not quite done yet, but I will be later tonight if I don't fall asleep. Either way this is a really good book and I'd give it five stars. I highly recommend it and also the first book you should read as well. You won't want to put it down once the drama all starts. My next book is going to be Where You Are by Tamara Webber, which is also a sequel to another book. I'll give you the run down on the first book just like this one in my next post. So until next time.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reading Effortless part 4

So I'm a little over halfway through Effortless. I also have to admit that I kind of peeked ahead. Just reading only the conversations is good and make you want to keep reading. Anyways, Kellan is on tour and Kiera is finding little notes every where that Kellan left behind. It is like the sweetest thing ever. I would love just going through out my day and finding a random note telling me how beautiful I am, or how I light up someone's world every day. Kellan is a sweetie in this book. Anyways, things just got interesting because Kiera's boyfriend Denny comes back. She is totally freaking out because she knows that Kellan is going to think the worse. Due to my peaking, she should of just told him right away to safe some future drama. The girl just hasn't learned a thing. But, I'm not to the point that I just don't want to put the book down. I just know it is going to be really good now that Denny is back in the picture. And, I thought the Christmas scene was good. This just got better.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reading Effortless part 3

Sadly I haven't been reading much yet. Effortless is like pulling teeth right now. There is absolutely no drama going on. Right now all I'm reading about it that Kellan is about to leave and how she doesn't look forward to it. I pretty much stopped reading when he is about to leave and he went to class with her. Nothing exciting. But, I'll try to read some more. There is a lot going on right now with my family's annual garage sale coming up. Also I got my costumes that I'm making. Its just a mess right now. But I will be sure to read more. I'm as curious on how this whole thing plays out as you are. Especially when they get tested on how much they really do love each other. Will they learn to finally trust each other, or will it all blow up in smoke?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Reading Effortless part 2

I read the three chapters that I wanted. Not much happened except one of Kellan's old flings tried to put a damper on their relationship. Of course, it worked. Kiera still thinks that Kellan will just sleep with what ever woman he wants. Talk about throwing a guys past in his face. Obviously the girl doesn't trust the guy. Of course he doesn't trust her either. The big event in the book is that Kellan goes on tour with his band. Due to previous events in the first book, he thinks history will repeat itself. He's scared that if he leaves, Kiera will get so lonely and cheat on him. I'm trying to figure out how they can have a relationship if they can't trust each other. I guess that is why it makes it such a good book.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reading Effortless part 1

I'm never going to get Effortless done if I only read one or two chapters a day. I just finished chapter three and I hardly made a dent. Anyways, right now everything in the book is all dandy. Also I made a name error with the last book, Thoughtless. The ex-boyfriend's name is Denny, not Danny. I got one letter wrong. Anyways, everything seems perfect between Kellan and Kiera. Still some insecurities going on, but what do you expect after what happened in Thoughtless. Kiera still sees Kellan as a guy that likes to sleep around and can pretty much have anyone he wants. She is also afraid that if they rush things that their relationship will burn out. Kellan on the other hand wants to rush things, but still respects Kiera's choices. He is also fighting with a troubled past that he doesn't really talk about, and the fear of coming second with Kiera. I'm still waiting for some drama to start in this book. Right now it just feels like it is dragging on. I'm practically telling the book to hurry it up right now. So, I'm going to force myself to read at least three chapters today. I got one done so far, two more to go.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Started reading Effortless

Okay, so I found out that I have to finish this book by the 23rd of this month. So I'm putting down Angel Killer, even if I don't want to, and picking up this book. Effortless is actually the second book in a series. I gave the first book a pretty good review on my website,, and now I'm up to reviewing this book. I got pretty excited when it arrived at the library since I requested it.
Anyways, a little recap on what happened in the first book. If you want to know what actually happened, I recommend you read it. Its like watching a modern version of a soap opera with way better acting. The book is so relateable in a way.
So Thoughtless started with our main character, Kiera, traveling all the way across the country with her boyfriend for his job. They move in with one of his friends and everything seems to go pretty well. At least until Kiera's boyfriend, Danny, leaves to a whole different state. Kiera ends up getting closer to Danny's best friend, Kellan, and you can so see something brewing up between these two.
Things get more complicated when Danny is offered a job in a different state and asks Kiera to finish up school, then meet up with him. She basically told him no way, did something stupid, and then woke up in a haze of guilt. Danny comes back and all hell breaks loose between Kellan and Kiera because Kiera can't choose who the hell she wants. It gets so bad that there are a few fights that break out. Some one almost gets killed. Then it ends with Kiera fighting for the man she loves to take her back. Surprise, surprise, its Kellan. But, he still doesn't trust her all that much and fears that she'll leave him for some other guy.
So, all this leads to the next book in line, Effortless. I am just about to start it and am pretty excited what drama lies within its pages. Is someone going to cheat? Is someone going to leave? Maybe one wants to get married while the other doesn't. Maybe even a baby on the way. Who knows. The possibilities seem endless before you even read the first page. So, I'll post once again with I'm a third of the way.
So until next time, go read Thoughtless so you aren't lost.

Heck yes!

I'm just throwing this out there while you wait to read my next post on Angel Killer. So if you haven't read any of Sherrilyn Kenyon's books, you are missing out in my book. This book just came out a few days ago, and I'm just bouncing in my seat to read it. I requested it from the library as soon as they preordered it. But, some people were ahead of me. Which makes me sad. I must read this book. Kenyon always gets good reviews from me, because she is just that good of a writer to me. And if anyone read this book already or owns it and haven't read it quiet yet, don't tell me anything.  I don't want the excitement to read to be ruined. But, go check her out and read her books.

Started reading Angel Killer

I figured I post what the book looks like, or at least the one that I received in the mail. So far the book is pretty good. I'm on chapter six already since I started a few days ago. Right now the main character, Jessica Blackwood, just arrived at the scene of the crime. They actually discovered the body of a girl after a hacker sent the coordinates to the FBI in code. What makes this even more interesting is that the victim was reported dead two years before they found the body, and the kicker is that the body hasn't been dead for more then twenty-four hours. Now I just want to read to find out how this is even possible. Loving this book so far. Keeps me guessing.

Hi yall

I figured this would be a good way to make a blog just for the books that I read. I'll still review them on my website, but I'll also talk about them on here. That way I have more of a variety of people reading about the books that I read. Also if there are any suggestions for books to read, I'll be able to receive your suggestions right away. Figured this would be so much easier.
The first book I'll probably do is called Angel Killer. Its a free book I won before it gets released in September. Basically I read it for the author and tell people what I think. Thats what you got to do when you get an advance copy of a book. I don't mind it, it just puts back my list of books to read. I got like over 3900 to read, but I can do it. I like to read. So I'll post something about Angel Killer as soon as I can, hopefully.