Monday, March 27, 2017

Started Reading You Against Me by Jenny Downham

Hey there Bookies,

Still injured here. But at least I am seeing the doctor that I need to in order to get well. Finally. Anyways, I'll make this quick and short so I don't cause more injury to my wrist.

I actually tried to read this book a few years back but I was in a phase where I had no interest in books at the time and didn't get farther than the fifth chapter. But I'm trying again. Hopefully, I actually finish the book this time because I heard that it's actually a good book. First impression is that I am getting that a guy's sister was raped and not a whole lot is being done about it because the guy is rich and the girl was not. Kind of like a story that shows you how differently you can be treated just by where you are from in the world. I've read many books like this and so far I highly enjoyed them. So high expectation for this book.

So until next time.....

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Almost done reading Where She Went

Hey there Bookies,

I'm just wrapping up Where She Went and it's not much of a tear jerker as the first book. But that is okay. This book is just as good as the first. Right now I'm at the part where all secrets get exposed. Where Mia and Adam finally be honest with each other and come to an understanding.  I'm kind of curious if they would make a movie out of this book as well. It would be cool to watch. Maybe it is already becoming a movie is about to come out. Who knows? I don't because I haven't kept up with anything since I have embraced my writing. But I would so see this if it was a movie. Same actors too would be nice.The different perspective is nice to have as well. You get to see everything Adam went through during the break up, after the break up, all of the flashbacks he remembers. I highly enjoyed the book and recommend you guys to read it along with the first one too if you haven't already. But I have to head out now since typing is still a painful process for me. But go check out the book. You won't regret it. Unless you aren't into this kind of book, then you are just missing out.

So until next time....

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Reading Where She Went

Hey there Bookies,

This is going to be another short post because I can't only stand the pain for so long. Yep, my wrist is still injured. That's what sucks about today's world because I can't afford the insurance I need to get the damn thing fixed. Why can't life be how it is in books? No worries about going to the hospital because you never have to pay because you are either rich or someone does it for you. But things can't be like how they are in books which is kind of disappointing.

 So I'm about halfway through the book now and not a whole lot has happened. Adam ran into Mia by going to her concert. The whole scene is you sitting there thinking 'what the hell did you expect?' and you keep reading to see if something happens. Like a rekindle of the fire that was forced to go out. The layout of the book is like the first one. A lot of flashbacks and you really paying attention so you don't get lost. But I like how the flashbacks explain things. Still wish why Mia went MIA on Adam that pretty much told him they were through. Hopefully, that explanation is coming up soon.

So until next time.......