Saturday, August 12, 2017

Started reading The Search For Wondla by Tony Diterlizzi


I only picked up this book because it looked interesting and it was as if it was calling to me. I also just so happen to find it in the kid's section at the library. So, I have to be a little honest here. I have no idea how the booking system works at the library and honestly it needs a little bit of work if this book is in the kid's section. The thing is five hundred pages long with very little pictures in it. The concept so far in the story is confusing beyond belief. How is a child to understand something like this? Much less have the patience to read it? Maybe it's for the advance readers that aren't quite ready for the young adult section. But, I still wouldn't be putting it with all of the kids books. There are even reference books in that section that just confuses me. It's like if it has pictures, it has to be a kids book. Right? It just annoys me and makes me want to redo their whole system. Anyways, so far the book is a bit boring. No child would be into reading this book because they would get bored within the first few pages. I'm only reading the book more because I'm trying to figure all that is going on. We have this little girl that lives underground with a robot for a mother. Everything is high tech and she is constantly told that she is the only human remaining in the world. But our little girl feels like she is being lied to and wishes to find others like her. I left off where she was in a tunnel full of her old toys that she just couldn't throw away and had to hide. I'm only on the sixth chapter. And, I'm still feeling that this shouldn't have been in the kid's section at my library.

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