Thursday, June 15, 2017

Finished reading +Anima Vol. 3

Hey Bookies,

So I finished +Anima Vol. 3. It was a lot of work trying to focus on the book and not let my mind wonder. I'm feeling a bit restless lately. Probably because I'm finally out of my dark mood. Which means more books for you guys. Insert cheering audience sound effect here. Anyways, I finished the book and I highly enjoyed it. Only because Cooro is so adorable. Anyways, their second adventure involves the military that they encountered in the last book. The military are looking for someone to create them swords but the person they go to refuses to. Well until they capture Nana and force him to do it. The meanies. But luckly our blacksmith eventually taught them a lesson and made them go away. With everyone unharmed of course. The next adventure is Nana trying to figure out if Husky is actually a girl or not. The ending to that is pretty funny. Especially with Senri trying to play along and follow what Cooro and Husky did. There is one last adventure in the book but I don't feel like talking about it. You guys can get the manga if you want to know about it. But I'm going to head out now. There is one more manga left before I can finally read the book I have been waiting for a long time to read.

So until next time......

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