Thursday, June 8, 2017

No internet at work, get a lot of reading done

Sometimes it is a good thing when the internet goes out while at work. I was able to finish Naruto Vol. 4 pretty quickly. Sadly I couldn't post anything right away because the internet went out for at least two hours. Thank the lord that I have so many books in my backpack. I have about six if you want to know. Anyways, the big battle I talked about in my last post has ended in Naruto. Next volume with have the beginning of the exams to move up in ranks. I know what it's called but I just don't know how to spell it and I'm too lazy to grab the book and find what I'm looking for. But things are going pretty smoothly for this series. Probably a little too smoothly. Pretty soon I'll be all done with it if I keep up the pace. Sad face.

I started A Silent Voice Vol. 2 and finished it during the outage of internet. I was hoping for some more flashbacks, but that is okay. I guess now it's all about forgiveness and redemption from this point on since the main male character put the main female character through hell. I'm actually happy that they are starting to become friends now, but the mother needs to lay off just a bit. She should see that he is trying to make things right instead of slapping him everytime she sees him. The little sister at least finally started to warm up to the guy. I'm kind of interested on what is going to take place next. I wish I could say more, but not a whole lot happens in this volume. Hopefully I'll have more to say for the next volume.

The cover of the volume I got kind of makes me sad. It's been through a lot. The whole thing is falling apart. Meaning I have to be careful as I read it. I haven't officially started +Anima Vol. 2 yet, but I'm just about to. The internet came back on right when I got to the third page and then I had to put it down to do catch up with the paperwork at work. Anyways, I have a feeling our little group is going to get more members because it seems that everytime they go out on an adventure, they find someone like them. The next creature I have no idea what it is. You get a hint but the hint might as well just be a black blob. I guess I'll just have to read to find out.

So until next time.....

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